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TRX: A smarter city

TRX: A smarter city

15 Mar 2021

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) is an iconic 70-acre development in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that is set to become Asia’s next destination for international finance and business.

To create a modern world-class district, we believe that TRX should be safe, connected, sustainable, and fun. Beyond the latest technologies, a smart city should respond to human needs and requirements; its services intuitive and adaptive, helping to improve quality of life and enhance visitors’ experiences.

As a greenfield development, TRX has been able to design digital infrastructure that is truly scalable and future-proof. This is vital, as TRX will not only be home to the 24/7 global finance community, but also to its city-living residents, weekend families spending time in the park, concert-goers, shoppers, and tourists.

“Our digital services play a crucial role in delivering a seamless connection and flow of information, both of which are fundamental towards making TRX the most digitally connected district of KL. Our vision stretches beyond what most developments are today,” explained Dato’ Azmar Talib, CEO of TRX City Sdn. Bhd.

“TRX will provide multi-functional platforms and digital services that enhance customer experience, where they can even work while enjoying our park. Our digital ecosystem blueprint is currently being executed in phases for the next few years.”

TRX digital services cover sophisticated building management systems, smart district management that regulates waste, traffic, parking and pedestrian needs, as well as providing top-notch urban safety and security monitoring systems.

Ensuring TRX is a safe district is a top priority for all. TRX is a wide and compact district, hence leveraging on digital security is vital in effective monitoring and quick response time, lending comfort and a peace of mind for those in the district.

The TRX Integrated Management System (TIMS) is a centralised platform that integrates traffic and security management, tunnel control, building management, public realm, facilities, and asset management systems in TRX.

The centralised platform provides a single view of TRX, which allows complete overview of TRX’s operational status at a glance. This can reduce time to access information, which enables faster and more coordinated response that is important during critical incidents or emergencies.  Alarms, analytics and automated workflows in the platform enable cross-systems automation to improve response time and efficiency.

The heightened security and safety framework befits an international financial centre, featuring vehicle security barriers that meet British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS 68 specification carefully designed for counter-terrorism, pedestrians and critical assets protection. CCTV with automatic incident detection in the tunnels, and advanced thermal cameras at critical locations, further enhance the safety of TRX.

Security officers on the ground will be complemented by a comprehensive surveillance system, monitored by a centralized district command and control center. Families with small children spending time in the park will be reassured as video live feeds assisted by analytics from site-wide monitoring camera network safeguards your loved ones.

A Green TRX

One of the advantages for a master-planned development such as TRX is that beyond individual green buildings, district-level common infrastructure designed to be efficient also helps put TRX at the forefront of sustainability standards.

To ensure that businesses and residents in TRX meet the daily sustainable targets, we employ Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

IoT technologies are used in the district to monitor and manage district operations such as streetlights, waste, and environmental conditions, instantly alerting any irregularities, such as faulty equipment or overflowing waste bins. All the IoT data will be integrated into a single platform which will be used for service optimization and continuous improvement initiatives for the district management; from strengthening HSE standards to elevating visitors’ experience, right down to the placement of waste bins based on the analysis of pedestrian movement.

TRX’s on-site wastewater treatment and recycled plant, designed to cut usage of potable water within the district by 50%, is part of its smart water management system. Smart water sensors are installed in the water networks to provide clear view of water flow, measuring water quality and potential contamination, detecting leaks and monitoring water pressure. These sensors provide early detection and diagnosis, which allow for quick corrective actions.

In conserving energy, smart meters will be installed in common areas to optimize usage. TRX will also generate renewable energy via solar panels, which will be placed on the roofs of covered pedestrian walkways.ted TRX

Excellent connectivity in both the physical and digital sense is critical to our commitment in delivering a world-class financial district. As Kuala Lumpur’s new nexus, TRX will host the only MRT interchange station within the city, and will be directly linked to 6 major roads and highways.

Beyond physical connectivity, TRX’s telecommunication infrastructures are resilient to minimize interruption and scalable to support future data demand within the district, its digital backbone fully fiberized to support data growth. This provides comfort in doing business out of TRX, connecting with clients and vendors no matter where they are in the world.

As a pedestrian-focused development, most of TRX’s roads are mainly concentrated underground via its extensive network of tunnels. To provide a safe and smooth experience for TRX road users, our Waze Beacon installed within the tunnels ensures uninterrupted navigation throughout the commute, the first such capability in Southeast Asia.

Our Traffic Management System employs cameras with Automatic Incident Detection capability, to spot and alarm operation in near real-time manner when there are traffic abnormalities. The Traffic Management System will also leverage on 3rd party applications and programs like Waze for Cities to collect and disseminate traffic information in TRX.

Once you are in the district, the parking guidance and information system will help drivers find a parking bay by informing them of available spots. The system will alert management when available parking spaces are reaching capacity.


A future forward financial district like TRX should remain lively and engaging beyond office hours. The experience of smartness should not be contained just within buildings.

Thus, the TRX public realm will be equally smart-enabled and digitally equipped to provide the perfect social setup, bringing together both live and work communities in TRX, and encouraging dwell time.

Technology is used to make public spaces vibrant and interactive. The LED lights on TRX’s building facades will transform offices into illuminated sculptures towering over the city’s night vista. Our public realm will become the blank canvas upon which murals, paintings, and installations, can be championed via a dynamic public arts calendar.

Digitized art in the form of laser projections on buildings, and laser and light installations can be both ornamental and functional, such as in assisting wayfinding. Residents, workers, and visitors in TRX will also be updated on the latest events and happenings, upcoming programs, and F&B promotions via our digital platform.

Data collected from Building Management Systems and IoT sensors provide insights for continuous improvement in maintenance, service levels, and operations to District Management, including for the upkeeping of our iconic public realm.

Source: The Edge Markets