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Ni Hsin to launch electric bikes

Ni Hsin to launch electric bikes

07 Nov 2022

Ni Hsin Group Bhd (NHG) will launch the first phase of its TAILG EBIXON electric bikes this month, with the target of producing 15,000 units a year.

The company has set aside RM5 million for the investment in EV bikes and plans to direct its sales efforts toward government agencies, government-linked companies (GLCs), universities, fleet management companies, last-mile delivery providers, and end users.

Managing director Khoo Chee Kong said approximately 500 units of e-bikes will be produced during pre-launching and 2,500 units from 2023 onwards, capturing about two per cent of the country’s 600,000 motorcycle registrations annually.

“We view the prospects for NHG in the energy vehicle (EV) business as very attractive.

“The transportation sector consistently remained the second largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting sector in Malaysia,” he told The New Straits Times.

Khoo said NHG found a formidable and well-established manufacturer from China, Dongguan Tailing Motor Vehicle Co Ltd (TAILG), established in China in 2004 and specialising in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, sales, and service of new energy electric vehicles.

The company’s products cover electric bikes, electric scooters, special electric bikes, electric tricycles and other vehicles.

Khoo pointed out that the TAILG EBIXON EV Bike was conceptualised by Ni Hsin EV Tech Sdn Bhd (NHEV), a wholly owned subsidiary of NHG, for the delivery industry, in particular, the food and beverage (F&B) sector, since 2021. 

To boost revenue, the NHG management team in the F&B division have developed the BLACKBIXON Mobile Coffee Machine (BBMCM) to be operated on an electric bike.

He said the idea of using the electric motorcycle for delivery services evolved from selling coffee out of a motorcycle in line with the company’s BLACKBIXON’s concept of cafe@home cafe@office cafe@anywhere.

“Brewing coffee from a coffee machine requires electrical power.

“The idea of using an EV bike was mooted, and a working model was successfully developed through a series of trials and experiments. That is our BLACKBIXON Coffee Bike,” Khoo said.

To recap, NHG diversified into the F&B business via Blackbixon Sdn Bhd (BLACKBIXON), a wholly-owned subsidiary, and obtained a direct selling license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs in March 2021 for the retailing of the BLACKBIXON beverage products.

“We will expand on the cafe@anywhere concept of business.

“Besides having more of our own BLACKBIXON Coffee Bikes, we offer entrepreneur programs to the B40 with financing packages in collaboration with various institutions, such as cooperatives and government agencies.

“We are also setting up a food delivery business using our proprietary Hot Box system,” said Khoo.

Touching on the industry, Khoo said the EV trend is fast catching on, but there are only a handful of players in the Malaysian market.

“We may not have the track record as an EV motorcycle manufacturer, but we have a formidable partnership with TAILG, which specialises in EV technology and has a proven track record.

“We anticipate a significant surge in demand for EV bikes in Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

“Our TAILG EBIXON EV Bike is attractive, offers a comfortable ride, is sturdy, and has more torque and power than most brands in the market.

“A unique feature of our EV bikes is the dual-swappable battery system, which enhances the range, charging flexibility, and convenience. Finally, our EV bikes are reasonably priced and affordable to our target customers,” Khoo said.

The TAILG EBIXON EV Bike will also be made available in East Malaysia.

Source: NST