The Malaysian economy has made a gargantuan leap since 1957. The transformation of the country's economy from one based on primary commodities like tin, rubber and palm oil to a dynamic and vibrant industrialising nation is attributed to a variety of pull factors.

Malaysia's political and economic stability, prudent and pragmatic investor friendly business policies, cost-productive workforce, a developed infrastructure comparable to that of any western country and a host of other amenities makes this country an enticing place for investors.

Multinational corporations from more than 40 countries have invested in over 5,000 companies in Malaysia 's manufacturing and related services sectors, encouraged by the country's pro-business environment. Malaysia today is one of the world's top locations for offshore manufacturing and service-based operations. Many of the existing foreign companies have also continued to show their confidence in the country's potentials as an investment location through their numerous expansions and diversifications over the years, particularly in high technology projects.

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Last Updated : Friday 14th August 2020