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ViTrox was established in year 2000 by 3 technopreneurs who have passion in machine vision inspection technologies. Over the last 17 years, ViTrox is now a public listed company at Bursa Malaysia, under Technology Sector, with capitalization of over RM 3 Billion (as per 15 Jan 2018). Today, ViTrox is one of the key machine vision equipment providers for the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Semiconductor package inspection and others. The range of products includes Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI), Advanced X-ray Inspection (AXI), Semiconductor Tray Inspection systems and many more. The customer base covers all Global EMS and Semiconductor companies, and our products are shipped to Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

ViTrox Headquarters resides in Penang, Malaysia, and the R&D and support centres spread across SEA, China (Suzhou) and USA (Loveland, Colorado). ViTrox shall expand to its new campus site in Batu Kawan Industrial Area with 22 acres site by the middle of 2018.

Malaysia provides friendly business environment, good infrastructure and skilled workforce which serve as its major attractions. Malaysia has progressed steadily since its independence and ViTrox has mirrored the success and grown from a small and medium size enterprise to a Local Large Company, serving diverse industries and customer base, including the top tier players.

Over the last 17 years, MIDA had and are still providing business guidance and assistance for ViTrox in the development of on new vision inspection technologies for the Global markets, The assistance encourages ViTrox to be more aggressive in facing both business and technological challenges, especially in the Global arena.

ViTrox will continue to grow the company. Along the growth path, ViTrox will also work together with MIDA to collaborate with more local and international small and medium companies to grow together.

Last Updated : Tuesday 29th September 2020