Textiles and Textile Products

The Malaysian textiles and textile products industry is one that is mature, thanks to a past of fast-paced growth as a result of Malaysia’s export-oriented industrial transformation in the early 1980s. Nevertheless, investors can still avail themselves of the plentiful business opportunities in the industry, as there remains much growth potential. Today, such opportunities lie in the higher end of the global value chain and the diversified production of higher value-added products.

Textile and textile products are the nation’s 13th-largest exporting industry in 2018, landing approximately RM12 billion of Malaysia’s total manufactured goods exports. The USA held on to its position as the top market for Malaysia’s exported textile products, purchasing RM1.6 billion (13%) of the industry’s total exports.

In 2018, a total of 18 projects were approved in the textiles and textile products industry with investments totalling RM851 million. DDI led the way, with RM566.3 million (66.5%), with foreign investments amounting to RM284.7 million (33.5%).

The 18 projects consist of primary textiles (RM398 million), specialised apparel (RM181.6 million), technical textile (RM108.6 million), made-up garments (RM14.3 million), and textile products (RM148.5 million). The majority of these were new projects, with six expansion/diversification projects that were worth RM392 million.

The approved projects will result in 912 new jobs, of which 312 are in in the managerial, technical, and supervisory categories. The industry recorded a CIPE of RM807,708 in 2018, which is over three times the CIPE of RM231,757 in 2017. This implies a higher level of automation and technology used in the industry.




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Last Updated : Tuesday 24th November 2020