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sync 1Established in 2006, SYNC R&D specialises in Total System Integration, Mechanical Design, Cross CAD platforms, and weight reduction strategies. We provide complete engineering solutions for product development, improvising existing systems and developing a new product from inception till prototype build and test. We have experience in design and development of Automotive, Rail, Oil and Gas components and systems, and medical equipment. Our most notable project is the Gen2 Monorail Prototype (SUTRA Monorail Project) for Scomi Rail Berhad, operating in Mumbai and is contracted to Brazil for future operation.

Currently, we are developing the first Malaysian Made Electric Bus Innovation Malaysia (EBIM). Encouraged by the rising demand for Electric Vehicles, and the Government’s deployment of the National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) and NKEA Electrical & Electronics (EPP18), Sync R&D sees this action plan as an opportunity to locally develop an Electric City Bus that can serve every segment of Malaysia’s society. Furthermore, public transportation in Malaysia is a crucial part of solution to the nation’s economic, energy and environmental challenges.

The EBIM models consist of various specification of electric city buses designed and developed based on a setup criteria derived from research, analysis and tests done by our technical team in Sync R&D. The bus' integrated components are pre-determined by our engineers from selected technology providers, based on our technical design specifications and product requirements, complying with the UNECE standards and rules adopted by Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). At present, EBIM is the only Malaysian made electric bus that has successfully achieved VTA (Vehicle Type of Approval) certified by TUV Rheinland Malaysia.

Sync R&D has been getting a very strong support from MIDA since we started this project in 2012. MIDA took extra effort in understanding the project and went through the whole development process to provide the support we needed along the way. We wish to thank MIDA for their continuous support rendered to us throughout the development process of Electric Bus Innovation Project (EBIM). If you wish to know more on our journey in developing EBIM, kindly log on to www.ebim.my


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