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06/04/2020 - Additional PRIHATIN SME Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN SME+)
  • On 27 March 2020, I have announced an Economic Stimulus Package Prihatin Rakyat (PRIHATIN) worth RM250 billion. I know several days ago, Mak Cik Kiah, Pak Mail, Mr. Lee, Mr. Muthu, Mr. Johnny, and many others are checking their eligibility of Bantuan Prihatin Nasional on the LHDN website. For those who are eligible, payments are made starting today.

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02/04/2020 - Special Cabinet Committee Formed to Bolster Stimulus Package & Strike Balance Between Economic Priorities and Effective Enforcement of Mco Due to Covid-19
  • The Cabinet Meeting held on 1 April 2020 has agreed to establish a Special Cabinet Committee to develop strategic measures in safeguarding Malaysia’s economy and labour market impacted by COVID-19 with the aim of striking a balance between the nation’s economic priorities and the effective enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

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27/03/2020 - Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package (PRIHATIN)
  • As promised, I will announce the PRIHATIN Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package worth RM250 billion which will benefit everyone.

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25/03/2020 - Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi for Sahabat AIM
  • KUALA LUMPUR: Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) dan Koperasi Sahabat AIM (Koop Sahabat) mengumumkan lapan pakej rangsangan ekonomi berjumlah RM682.3 juta untuk Sahabat AIM kembali pulih meneruskan kehidupan berikutan penularan wabak COVID-19.

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27/02/2020 - 2020 Economic Stimulus Package “Bolstering Confidence, Stimulating Growth & Protecting Jobs”
  • I wish to officially put on record our appreciation to the doctors, nurses, health workers, Immigration and other front liners protecting Malaysia from the COVID-19 outbreak. The COVID-19 outbreak has been well contained with most of those infected have recovered fully.

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