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  • Promote foreign and domestic investments as well as coordinate the development of oil & gas services and equipment manufacturing; and shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) sectors;
  • Evaluate applications for manufacturing license and tax incentives for oil & gas services and equipment manufacturing and SBSR companies;
  • Handle enquiries relating to oil & gas and SBSR industries ;
  • Facilitate the implementation of approved project;
  • Focal point for companies in setting up oil & gas services and equipment manufacturing and SBSR projects in Malaysia; and
  • Facilitate any oil & gas (upstream and midstream) and SBSR companies

Products / Services Covered

  • Oil and gas fields services
  • Oil and gas equipment manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair

Contact Information

Oil and Gas, Maritime and Logistics Services Division 

Level 25, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2263 2424
Fax: 03 2274 8470
E-mail: [email protected]

Hazli Jemaat
Director03-2267 6791 hazli
Masri Zohaini Idris
Sr. Deputy Director03-2267 3757 masri
Hafizah Amminuddin
Deputy Director03-2267 6735hafizaham
Nuur Hidayah Kunjali Kutty
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3558hidayah
Zurisma Zulkarnain
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3694 zurisma
Aimuni Ismail
Assistant Director03-2267 3621 aimuni
Nasrul Hafidz Shamsudin
Assistant Director03-2267 6699 nasrul
Nur Hanis Nadia Che Isa
Assistant Director03-2267 3618hanisnadia
Syed Mohamed Arif Syed Abdul Rahim
Assistant Director03-2267 3474syedarif
Siti Sarbanun Shaik Baharudin
Personal Assistant03-2263 2424ssarbanun


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