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  • Provide support services on general administrative requests and activities.
  • Facilitate and supervise procurement requests and activities for MIDA HQ, MIDA State and Overseas Centres.
  • Supervise and assist the coordination of activities under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.
  • Monitoring the Asset Management for MIDA HQ, MIDA States and Overseas Centres.
  • Manage, supervise and monitor maintenance work/mechanical rectification system/electrical/enhancement/installation work to ensure building. system is working properly.

Contact Information

Corporate Management Division

Level 14, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2267 3512 
Fax: 03 2274 7970
E-mail: [email protected]

Habibah Enok
Director03-2267 3539habibah
Zainal Abdul Rahman
Sr. Deputy Director03-2267 3478zainalrahman
Amizah Ismail
Sr. Deputy Director03-2267 3733 amizah
Suriani Yahya
Deputy Director03 -2267 6651suriani
Airin Abdullah
Deputy Director03-2267 3600airin
Ismadi Ismail
Deputy Director03-2267 3402ismadi
Nurul Amalina Ahmad Kasim
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3698amalina
Maya Kavitha Abdullah
Sr. Assistant Director03-2263 2432kavitha
Haslinda Hassan
Assistant Director03-2263 2511haslinda
Maswanee Abdullah @Muhammad
Assistant Director03-2267 6636maswanee
Mohd Izzat Azmi
Assistant Director03-2263 2551mohd.izzat
Nurliza Yazid
Assistant Director03-2267 3645nurlizayazid
Siti Runiza Mohd Zaini
Assistant Director03-2267 3555runiza
Mohd Adham Muhammad
Assistant Director03-2267 3542 mohdadham
Muhammad Hilmi Aizat Mohd Khalid
Assistant Director03-2263 2494hilmiaizat
Syahminudin Md. Shaarani
Assistant Director03 2263 2471 syahminudin
Nurul Hanis Kamarudin
Assistant Director03-2267 3649nurulhanis
Siti Aisyah Khairul Aswad
Assistant Director03-2267 3648aisyah
Ab. Rahman Anas
Assistant Engineer03-2267 3713rahmanA
Ariff Zamir Lokman
Asst. Executive03-2267 3549ariffzamir
Putri Sarah Lina Megat Ariffin
Asst. Executive03-2263 2429putrisarah
Mohd As-Bahazammi Mustafa
Asst. Executive03-2267 3598asbahazammi
Johari Abd Wahab
Asst. Executive03-2263 2578johariAW
Mohd Riduan Khairudin
Asst. Executive03-2263 2476mdriduan
Mohd Faizul Awang Besar
Asst. Executive03-2263 2473mfaizul
Noreen Shariza Sharif
Asst. Executive03-2267 3741noreen
Fathilah Hanum Ridzwan
Asst. Executive03-2263 2457fathilah
Hafizah Zaaimuddin
Personal Assistant03-2267 3512hafizahz


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