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Dato' Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan
Chairman03-2267 6600chairman
Dato' Azman Mahmud
Chief Executive Officer03-2267 6601azman
Arham Abd. Rahman
Deputy Chief Executive Officer I Manufacturing / Post Investment & IT System Development03-2267 6604arham
Ahmad Khairuddin Abdul Rahim
Deputy Chief Executive Officer II Manufacturing & Services Development03-2267 6602khairuddin
Sr. Executive Director Strategic Planning & Development--
Mohd Zulkafli Ismail
Executive Director Post Investment03-2267 6647zulkafli
Mohamed Zuhari Mohamed Nor
Executive Director Corporate Management Services03-2263 2455zuhari
Lim Bee Vian
Executive Director Strategic Planning (Services)03-2267 6677bvlim
Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja
Executive Director Investment Promotion03-2267 6737siva
Choo Wai Meng
Executive Director Strategic Planning (Manufacturing)03-2267 3434wmchoo
Jasbir Kaur Bachan Singh
Executive Director Manufacturing Development (Non-resources)03-2267 6798jasbir
Roeslina Abbas
Executive Director Services Development03-2267 6676roeslina
Mohamad Ismail Abu Bakar
Executive Director Manufacturing Development (Resource)03-2267 6715ismail
Wan Farulnizam Wan Mohd Faizul
Special Officer to CEO03-2267 3559farulnizam
Zarina Ibrahim
Personal Asst. to Chairman03-2267 6600 zarinai
Mazliha Ayob
Personal Asst. to CEO03-2267 6601mazliha
Amran Rostam
Personal Asst. to DCEO I03-2267 6604amranr
Che Hainoor Abd Hamid
Personal Asst. to DCEO II03-2267 6602hainoor
Norhasimah Kamarudin
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Post Investment03-2263 2587norhasimah
Hasnina Mohd Salleh
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Corporate Management Services03-2263 2440hasnina
Subaiti Mahmud
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Strategic Planning (Services)03-2267 6677 / 2263 subaiti
Tunku Nuzian Nurul Tunku Fathahi
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Investment Promotion03-2267 6607tnuzian
Mohd. Rushdan Abd. Razak
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Strategic Planning (Manufacturing)03-2267 2454rushdanar
Zaimah Chumangat
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Manufacturing Development (Non Resources)03-2267 3486zaimahc
Aishah Abu Kassim
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Services Development03-2267 6676aishah
Norhasiah Jaafar Sidek
Personal Asst. to Exec. Director Manufacturing Development (Resources)03-2267 3626 norhasiah


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