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MIDA Management
Advanced Technology and Research & Development Division
Building Technology & Lifestyle Division
Business Services & Supply Chain Innovation Division
CEO's Office & Stakeholders Management
Chemical & Advanced Materials Division
Corporate Communications Division
Corporate Management Division
Corporate Strategy & Organisational Development Division
Domestic Investment & Supply Chain Coordination Division
Electrical & Electronics Division
Finance & Accounts Management Division
Foreign Investment Promotion Division
Food Technology & Resource Based Industries Division
Green Technology Division
Healthcare, Education & Hospitality Division
Human Resource Management Division
Incentive Coordination and Collaboration Office
Industry Talent Management And Expatriate Division
Information Technology System Development Division
Internal Audit & Governance
Investment Statistics Division
Legal & Government Relations Section
Licensing & Incentive Compliance and Monitoring Section
Life Sciences & Medical Technology Division
Machinery and Metals Division
National Investment Secretariat Division
Oil & Gas and Maritime Technology Division
Post-Investment & Infrastructure Support Division
Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Manufacturing) Division
Strategic Planning & Policy Advocacy (Services) Division
Tariff Section
Transportation Technology Division

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