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Shorubber (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Showa Glove Co. Himeji Japan and located in Jejawi Industrial Estate, Perlis with a land size of 2.26 million square feet. Shorubber was registered in Malaysia in 1989 and started its operation since 1993. We have been one of the key international players in the field of industrial and household gloves. Shorubber manufactures mainly 4 types of gloves of PU, PVC, NR and NBR and these gloves cater a large demand in fields such as agriculture, oil & gas, electronic, automobile industry and fishery.

At present, our production lines are running in full capacity of 3 shifts. In order to meet the rising demand in the world, new production lines will be introduced soon. Having 2,400 of workforce, Shorubber is the biggest multinational company in Perlis, with a LMW license.

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Malaysia is our Company’s investment destination due to its incentive of Pioneer Status and Automation Capital Allowance offered by MIDA.

Malaysian Government has provided good infrastructure and facilities such as road, water, electricity and natural gas. Shorubber also received strong support from related Government bodies and agencies on the importation of raw materials and machineries, exportation of gloves and expansion of new projects and production lines. In addition, raw materials, technology and skilled manpower can be sourced locally.

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MIDA provides good support to Shorubber since the early stage of its establishment. Matters on importation, exportation, license and expansion of Company can be easily addressed and discussed with the related divisions in MIDA.

Shorubber is an example of a successful foreign investor in Perlis and always facilitate the enquiries of potential investors who are interested in investing in Perlis or Northern region, brought by MIDA.


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Last Updated : Thursday 22nd October 2020