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  1. Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Services
    taxation services...,-auditing-and-taxation-services/posts/
  2. Manufacturing Sector
    policies local company incorporated manufacturing licence application no restriction on foreign equity ownership liberal expatriates employment policy free movement of funds for foreign investments in malaysia protection of intellectual property rights company tax rate 24% individual tax rate from 0% - 30%minimum conditions of employment under the employment act 1955 responsible tr...
  3. Taxation
    1 taxation in malaysia show allhide all income of any person including a company, accruing in or derived from malaysia or received in malaysia from outside malaysia is subject to income tax. however, with effect from year of assessment (ya) 2004, income received in malaysia from sources outside malaysia by any person other than a resident company carrying on busine...
  4. Liberalisation of the Services Sector
    on april 22, 2009 the government had liberalised the services sector to attract more foreign investments and bring more professionals and technology as well as strengthen competitiveness of the sector. recognising the growth potential in the services sector, the government has decided to immediately liberalise 27 services subsectors, with no equity condition imposed. these sub-sectors are in ...
  5. Banking, Finance & Exchange Administration
    1 financial system show allhide all the malaysian financial system comprises of a diversified range of institutions to serve the increasingly more varied and complex needs of the domestic economy. the financial system consists of the conventional financial system and the islamic financial system which co-exists and operates in parallel.  the cen...,-finance-&-exchange-administration/posts/
  6. Costs of Doing Business
    the objective of this section is to enable investors to make a preliminary assessment of the major costs involved in doing business in malaysia. investors who require more specific details can contact mida headquarters in kuala lumpur or the nearest mida overseas or state offices for further advice and ringgit malaysia (rm) is divided into 100 sen. currently, the ringgit exchange r...
  7. Management Consultancy Services
    business and management consultancy services (classified under code 7414, malaysia standard industrial classification) include the provision of advice, guidance or operational assistance to businesses. these activities involve public relations, for example through image building and opinion moulding, to improve the relations of the client with the public, media or others, other than by paid...
  8. Archived e-Newsletters 2019
    mida newsletter - december 2019 issue getting to know the licensing and incentive compliance & monitoring (pppg) function of mida mida, through its licensing and incentive compliance & monitoring section (pppg) provides the aftercare services for manufacturing and services companies. according to the united nations conference on trade...
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