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  1. Application for Surat Pengesahan MIDA (SPM) for Import Duty and/or Sales Tax Exemption
    surat pengesahan mida (spm) and subsequently submit to customs the mida confirmation letter and the list of machinery, equipment, spare parts, prime movers, container trailers, specialised tools, components, materials or specialised consumables goods to be imported or purchased for permission from customs to claim for the exemption. the key areas of the exemptions are: manufactu...
  2. Forms & Guidelines
    surat pengesahan mida (spm) for import duty and/or sales tax exemption moreguidelines ...
  3. MIDA e-Services
    surat pengesahan mida (spm) application for mida confirmation letter (spm) for the purpose of claiming import duty and/or sales tax exemption on machinery/equipment/spare parts/prime movers/container trailers for manufacturers, hotel operators, haulage operators and aerospace maintenance, repair & overhaul (mro) companies. spm manufacturers in the principal customs area (pca) spm comp...
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Last Updated : Wednesday 20th November 2019