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  1. Bosch Malaysia
    mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. the company has three manufacturing plants in penang providing car multimedia, power tools and automotive steering systems. employing more than 2,700 associates, malaysia is home to the largest workforce for bosch in the southeast asia region. malaysia is an attractive country for investments. its s...
  2. Banking, Finance & Exchange Administration
    1 financial system show allhide all the malaysian financial system comprises of a diversified range of institutions to serve the increasingly more varied and complex needs of the domestic economy. the financial system consists of the conventional financial system and the islamic financial system which co-exists and operates in parallel.  ...,-finance-&-exchange-administration/posts/
  3. Fueling Oil and Gas Industry Growth Through Digitalisation
    active use of technology to capture new frontiers and drive productivity is not new to the oil and gas industry. the upstream sub-sector for example, has been at the forefront of several significant technological advances in the past, from supercomputing techniques for reservoir modeling to seismic and 3d imaging for drilling and project developments; while refineries have been pur...
  4. Blueprint For Industry 4.0 : What Manufacturers Must Do Today
    t he manufacturing industry is no stranger to misconceptions and buzzwords. collaborative automation, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, blockchain – the real reason we allow ourselves to spin in circles on these topics is because we’re inherently hopeful and practical people: we want to build better and believe there is a path to doing so, if only we could find the way. as par...
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Last Updated : Friday 13th December 2019