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  1. Taxation
    withholding tax withholding tax withholding tax is an amount withheld by the party making payment on income earned by a non-resident individuals or companies and the withheld amount is then remitted to inland revenue board of malaysia. the tax rate is based on classes of income and is stated either in in income ...
  2. Incentives in Services Sector
    a incentives for investments show allhide all incentives in services sector in malaysia, tax incentives, both direct and indirect, are provided for in the promotion of investments act 1986, income tax act 1967, customs act 1967, sales tax act 1972, excise act 1976 and free zones act 1990. these acts cover investments in the manufacturing, agr...
  3. Archived e-Newsletters 2017
    withholding tax (wht) exemption for offshore services prospering an inclusive economy towards the aspiration of tn50 was rightfully coined for the recent budget 2018 announced on 27 october 2017 considering the growth in sharing economy which penetrated the malaysian landscape in a storm and the need for sustainable investment to ensure continuous economy growth. ...
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