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  1. Barber Shop, Hair Salon, Ramadan Bazaar Not Allowed During MCO
    mco source : bernama download 13/04/2020after public pushback, barbers, hair salons and optometrists not allowed to operate during mco source : malay mail download ...,-hair-salon,-ramadan-bazaar-not-allowed-during-mco/posts/
  2. Confirmation of Freight Forwarders’ services as essential services during MCO
    mco source :  federation of malaysia freight forwarders (fmff) download 24/03/2020aren’t logistic services essential freight forwarders call for clearer guidelines source :  malay m...’-services-as-essential-services-during-mco/posts/
  3. Exemption for Manufacturers of Selected Essential Products From the Movement Control Order (MCO)
    list of critical production sectors allowed to continue operations subject to conditions by the ministry of international trade and industry (miti) a. list of essential goods b. list of products that are part of the supply chain of essential goods supply chain compulsory conditions ...
  4. Media Release : MITI Introduces Alternative Way to Facilitate the Endorsement of Certificate of Origin for Companies during the MCO
    mco source : ministry of international trade and industry (miti) download ...
  5. Media Room
    mco    stimulus package    laws & regulations    infographics    ...
  6. Movement Control Order (MCO)
    mco) due to the covid-19 pandemic. read more 25/04/2020 - new normal needs a more comprehensive digitalisation system kuala lumpur, april 25 — the process of digitalising government services must be more comprehensive so that the people can adapt to the new normal, said prime minister tan sri muhyiddin yassin. read more...
  7. PM Muhyiddin calls on people to remain resilient, continue obeying MCO
    mco source : bernama download ...,-continue-obeying-mco/posts/
  8. Press Release : Measures To Ensure Continued Supply Of Essential Goods During MCO
    mco source : ministry of transport (mot) download 26/03/2020kenyataan media : langkah-langkah bagi memastikan pembekalan barangan keperluan kepada rakyat tidak terputus sepanjang tempoh perintah kawalan pergerakan ...
  9. Press Statement : Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) at Selangor Mansion and Malayan Mansion, KL
    mco) at selangor mansion and malayan mansion, kl source : prime minister office (pmo) download ...,-kl/posts/
  10. Soalan Lazim (FAQ’s) Mengenai Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (MCO) – Dikemaskini
    mco) – dikemaskini source :     malaysian national security council (mkn) download ...’s)-mengenai-perintah-kawalan-pergerakan-(mco)-–-dikemaskini/posts/
  11. Special Cabinet Committee Formed to Bolster Stimulus Package & Strike Balance Between Economic Priorities and Effective Enforcement of Mco Due to Covid-19
    mco due to covid-19 source : ministry of international trade and industry (miti) download ...
  12. The Wood-Based Industry in Malaysia: The Impact of COVID-19 and the Movement Control Order (MCO)
    mco) since 18 march 2020 to battle the pandemic. selected economic sectors were, however allowed to operate subject to strict adherence to the standard operating procedures (sops) for the respective sector.speaking on the covid-19 pandemic and mco, the president of the muar furniture association (mfa) shared that the furniture business and associated players have been affected in the f...
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