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  1. Logistics Services
    iils).  • cold chain facilities.logistics services...
  2. Forms & Guidelines for Services Sector
    iilsinternational integrated logistics services status and/or expatriate posts (iils) (guidelines) form ils-2 second round of incentive for expansion/diversification and/or expatriate posts by existing approved companies that have enjoyed ils incentive and/or expatriate (guidelines) companies that wish to apply for these services incentives are required to submit addi...
  3. Business Services and Supply Chain Innovation
    iils). in 2018, a total of 196 new res/ros were approved. from the 196 res/ros approved, 118 projects were res while 78 projects were ros. source: 1. mida specific industry brochure 20182. mida investment performance report 2018...
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Last Updated : Friday 24th January 2020