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  1. Honeywell
    honeywell aerospace avionics penang. mida has granted the special incentive program to these entities of honeywell since their establishment, which includes favorable tax policies, r&d fund and talent development grants. mida’s proactive approach to understand the needs of the business and offering assistance where required is commendable. today, honeywell’s uop malaysia employs more th...
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    a 6  testimonials show allhide all academic medical centre sdn bhd academic medical centre sdn. bhd. in an initiative with the public-private partnership unit of the prime minister's department has established perdana university envisioned to be an education-research-healthcare hub for the region. perdana university is a world-c...
  3. Aerospace
    malaysia is currently home to more than 200 aerospace companies comprising both international and local industry players. these include 66 companies involved in mro activities, 33 companies in aero-manufacturing, 25 companies in education and training, and 11 companies in systems integration, as well as engineering and demonstrating their capabilities to meet global oems’ stringen...
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Last Updated : Wednesday 19th February 2020