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  1. BenQ Sdn Bhd
    cd-rom drives and has an annual turnover of rm2 billion. cumulative investments over the last 11 years total about rm250 million. the success of our operations can be attributed to our committed workforce whose spirit of teamwork has made the impossible possible. benq's malaysian plant has been recognised as one of the most successful overseas sites in the benq group. ...
  2. Taxation
    1 taxation in malaysia show allhide all income of any person including a company, accruing in or derived from malaysia or received in malaysia from outside malaysia is subject to income tax. however, with effect from year of assessment (ya) 2004, income received in malaysia from sources outside malaysia by any person other than a resident company carrying on business...
  3. Metal Additive Manufacturing
    additive manufacturing technology adds materials and melted it to create a super fine layer of an object which is different from the conservative manufacturing. conservative manufacturing, often subtract materials via several processes such as milling, machining, grinding and carving in order to produce parts. there are several materials that can be melted in building the superfine la...
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Last Updated : Thursday 10th October 2019