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  1. Altera
    altera as well as others in the silicon valley were finding hiring qualified engineers was a challenge since the semiconductor industry was in a “boom” period. also, about this time, in july 1994, altera purchased intel’s programmable logic business and acquired the rights to the ip tools and architecture. the move by altera to take over this part of the intel business and the ongoing n...
  2. Testimonials
    altera altera corporation, a semiconductor firm based in san jose california, provides programmable logic devices (plds) – specifically, field programmable gate arrays, or fpgas, which are used in a multitude of electrical engineering designs – from wireless and wireline communications and broadcasting to designing state of the art systems for the automotive, industrial and m...
  3. Environmental Management
    alteration of fuel burning equipment that is rated to consume pulverised fuel or solid fuel at 30 kg or more per hour, or liquid or gaseous fuel at 15 kg or more per hour as stipulated in regulations 36 and 38 of the environmental quality (clean air) regulations 1978. iii. any erection, installation, resiting, or alteration of any chimney from or through whi...
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