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  1. BenQ Sdn Bhd
    colour monitors and cd-rom drives and has an annual turnover of rm2 billion. cumulative investments over the last 11 years total about rm250 million. the success of our operations can be attributed to our committed workforce whose spirit of teamwork has made the impossible possible. benq's malaysian plant has been recognised as one of the most successful overseas sites in the benq group. ...
  2. BASF PETRONAS Chemicals
    since its inception in 1997, basf petronas chemicals sdn bhd has achieved many milestones along the way. with a total investment of rm3.4 billion, the company considers malaysia as an important and strategic location to forge a business investment in the asian region. through a 60:40 joint venture between basf aktiengesellschaft of germany and petroliam nasional berhad (petronas) of malaysia,...
  3. MIDA Logo
    as a symbolic effort signaling the new direction, mida launched the new logo - the bold, block letters of mida represent the integrity and professionalism of the organisation. the colour grey suggests neutrality and reliability, whilst the new cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force of mida is represented in the eye-catching, strong red motif that resembles an arrow moving forward. mida...
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Last Updated : Tuesday 7th April 2020