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  1. Resource Centre
    opac (online public access catalog) an automated on-line catalog service is available for users to access and search the resource centre collection. photocopying service photocopying service is available in the resource centre. the charges are as follows: a4-size print - rm0.30 per copy a3-size print - rm0.50 per copygeneral enquiries to mida please contact (603) 2263 2537 or ...
  2. Domestic Investment Coordination Platform (DICP): Facilitating SMEs in Acquiring Funding, Technology and Research Capability
    introduction globally, smes play a significant role in contributing to national gdp growth, employment and innovation. in malaysia’s context, smes represent 90 per cent of business establishments. they also account for 65 per cent of the country’s employment and contribute approximately 40 per cent to the country’s gdp.mida acknowledges that smes are the foundation of malaysia...,-technology-and-research-capability/posts/
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Last Updated : Thursday 21st May 2020