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  1. Gading Kencana Sdn. Bhd.
    kompleks hijau solar, a 17.17 acre solar farm in the state of malacca in malaysia. every ounce of the company's inventiveness and persistence through adversity was required to bring to fruition the world's most resource efficient solar farm and it is, unsurprisingly, its most outstanding achievement to date.turning out 1 megawatt per 1.5 acres - versus an average worldwide best of 1 megawatt ...
  2. MIDA State Offices
    with its headquarters in malaysia's capital city of kuala lumpur, mida has established 12 regional offices in malaysia to assist investors in implementing their manufacturing projects and services.  investors are encouraged to discuss their project interests with mida officers at mida's headquarters in kuala lumpur or at its state offices closest to them.  ...
  3. List of Ministries
    office of the prime minister  ministry of agriculture and agro-based industry main block, perdana putra building,     federal government administrative centre, 62502 putrajaya, malaysia tel: (603) 8888 8000 fax: (603) 8888 3444 website:    e-mail: [email protected] block 4g1, wism...
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