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A Guidebook
  • Manufacturing Guidebook
    Malaysia: Investment in the Manufacturing Sector

  • Services Guidebook
    Malaysia: Investment in the Services Sector

  • Costs Of Doing Business
    Costs of Doing Business in Malaysia

B Industries Brochures
  • Automotive Industry Food Industry
    Profit from Malaysia's Petrochemical Industry Business Opportunities: Malaysia's Automotive
    Food Industry in Malaysia
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    medical device 19 cover
    Pharmaceutical Machinery
    Guide on Medical Devices Industry in Malaysia Guide on Pharmaceutical Industry In Malaysia Malaysia's Machinery & Equipment and Engineering Supporting Industries
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    Regional Establishments Oil and Gas OGSE
    Malaysia - Your Ideal Location for Regional Establishments Meet Malaysia: Investment Opportunities in Asia's
    Oil and Gas Hub
    Malaysia Tax Incentives: Compilation and Guide for
    Oil and Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) Sector
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C Directories
  • Medical Devices Industry and Its Supporting Industries Directory    
    Directory of Malaysian Medical Devices Manufacturers and Its Supporting Industries    
D MIDA Annual Report
  • DownloadsMIDA's activities througout the year and the audited financial statements.
E Malaysia's Investment Performance Report
  • DownloadsMalaysia's Investment Performance Reports, published annualy and launched during MIDA's Annual Media conference.
F e-Newsletter
  • Subscribe Topics highlighted in this e-newsletter are insights and updates on investments related to both the manufacturing and services sectors, industry focus, economic news as well as the various events organised by MIDA. Downloads

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Last Updated : Friday 24th January 2020