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Muehlbauer Technologies Sdn Bhd was founded in year 2006 with core activities of developing, marketing, manufacturing and production support of high technology automation systems for the Semiconductor backend and Carrier Tape industries. We have further venture and developed our technology accord to IoT / Industry 4.0 elements applications.

Whereas Mühlbauer Group was founded in 1981 has grown to a leading global player of the security sector. We specialize in innovative technologies like micro-chip sorting, printed electronics and RFID. We are proven one-stop-shop technology partner for the smart card, ePassport and carrier tape industry. With over 35 production and service locations worldwide we created a strong competence network around the globe. With around 3,200 employees, technology centers in Germany, Malaysia, China, Slovakia, the U.S. and Serbia, and a global sales and service network, we are the world's market leader in innovative equipment and software solutions, supporting our customers in project planning, technology transfer and production ramp.

Malaysia was being chosen as our first manufacturing plant outside Europe, offers strategic location in the heart of Sour East Asia regions with conductive business environment and well-developed infrastructure for us to set up offshore operation regional as well as international markets.

MIDA and its overseas offices had played an active role in promoting attractive investment incentives to foreign investors. MIDA team had provided great assistance during our factory started up stage addressing and overcoming challenges like licensing, manpower planning, custom issue, project implementation, etc. Continually MIDA support has made our investment in Malaysia a success. Therefore, Management had decided to expand our business operation in Malaysia with additional RM60 Million investment for a further period of 10 years.

With ten years’ operation in Malaysia, we have continuously enjoyed pro-business government policies with attractive investment incentives, well-developed infrastructure and a dynamic, vibrant business environment.

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