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September 2020 Issue

The Elektrisola Group

The Elektrisola Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, fine and ultra- fine enamelled copper wires. The products are supplied to a wide spectrum of industries for the production of automotive and industrial electronics; handphones, watches, consumer electronics and medical devices.

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September 2020 Issue

Standard Chartered Global Business Services: A Competitive Advantage for the Bank

Standard Chartered is a pioneer in banking with a heritage spanning over 160 years. Its network stretches across core emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East with a diverse footprint in more than 60 markets.

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September 2020 Issue

Allo Technology: Paving the Way for a Fiberised Nation

Allo Technology Sdn. Bhd. or well known as Allo is an established telecommunication service provider that plays an essential role in enabling Malaysia’s advancement in technology and connectivity through its fiber infrastructure, alongside with data centre-to-data centre and cross-border connectivity to Thailand and Singapore.

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August 2020 Issue

PMCC Corporation: Your Trusted Project Partner

PMCC Corporation is an international construction consultancy company headquartered in Malaysia. Originally formed by a Swiss expatriate, it is now owned and operated by Malaysian, Swiss and Scottish nationals. Our organic and sustainable growth in the country can be attributed to our ability to leverage Malaysia’s great depth of talent and ease of doing business.

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August 2020 Issue

Sustainable Modern Farming: Big Dutchman’s Presence in the Asia Pacific Region

Recognised as the world’s market leader in the animal husbandry equipment industry, Big Dutchman is renowned for providing sustainable and modern livestock equipment and infrastructure for medium and large-scale commercial farming. Big Dutchman’s brand is synonymous with superior and long-lasting quality, efficient service and unprecedented knowledge in modern farming.

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July 2020 Issue

PERSOLKELLY: Maximising HR Potential for the Future

A regional leader in workforce solutions, PERSOLKELLY was formed as a joint venture between PERSOL Holdings, Japan’s second-largest recruitment firm and Kelly Services Inc. Today, boasting of over 50 offices across 13 markets in the Asia Pacific, PERSOLKELLY is among the largest human resources (HR) solutions companies in the region, providing comprehensive end-to-end workforce solutions.

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March 2020 Issue

Utilis Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

UTILIS, a French company established in the mid-90s, is today a worldwide recognised brand in the field of tactical sheltering and mobile filed solutions, well known for its constant research and development (R&D) efforts and adapting to critical situations and scenario.

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February 2020 Issue

Exyte Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Exyte (Formally known as M+W Group)

Exyte is a global leader in design, engineering and construction delivering high-tech facilities.

Established over 100 years ago in Stuttgart, Germany, where we laid the first cornerstone, Exyte has evolved to become a global Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor for high-tech facilities today. We have a global footprint operating in more than 20 countries and have over 5,600 employees worldwide who deliver many of the world’s most challenging and technically demanding facilities in three strategic segments we operate in – Advanced Technology Facilities, Life Sciences and Chemicals and Data Centers.

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December 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : Tecnimont

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A is a multinational group with a highly technological DNA, and one of the leaders within the field of plant engineering, mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (petrochemical, fertilisers, oil and gas refining). Its contribution is fundamental to the transformation of natural resources into innovative products as well as working to gradually prepare for the growing renewable energy and green chemistry paradigm.

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September 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : OCIM Sdn Bhd

Established in 1959, OCI, with head office in Seoul, South Korea is a global producer of value-added chemicals and materials for a broad range of industries. In March 2008, OCI launched commercial production at Gunsan P1 plant with a nameplate capacity of 5,000 metric tons shortly after polysilicon spot market prices hit a historic high of over USD500/kg. Subsequently, OCI boosted the capacity to 52,000 metric tons by the completion of Gunsan P2 and P3 plant.

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August 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : A Landmark Factory Unlike Any: Hotayi Electronic

Hotayi Electronic is a leading Global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company that provides a wide range of valueadded manufacturing solutions and services such as PCB assembly till box build. Founded in 1992, this Taiwanese-owned company has achieved remarkable international milestones under the leadership of its chairman, Dato' Lee Hung Lung. For the past 27 years, Hotayi has been continuously striving for operational excellence and continuous improvement. This has become part of Hotayi's culture, which enables the company to continue to gain trust in customer partnership over the years.

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July 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : Roland Manufacturing & MI Services

The Roland name is synonymous with music and sound technology and is home to one of the world’s best-known and famous Electronic Music Instruments brand. Back in 1972, Roland was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan.

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June 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : Schmidt + Clemens (S+C)

Schmidt + Clemens (S+C), the German stainless steel specialist founded in 1879, committed at an early stage to the internationalisation of its business operation, founding its first foreign subsidiary in Spain as long ago as 1974. As the world market leader in tube systems for applications in the petrochemicals industry, it is a factor of major importance to S+C to be near to its markets. So the logical response to the growth in the markets of Asia was to establish a production company in Southeast Asia.

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May 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : VAT Group AG

VAT began work on its Malaysia facility in Penang in 2013 as part of its long-term strategy to move closer to its customers, improve access to its largest market, globalise its business model and give the company more flexibility in its production capacity, cost structure and supply chain. When the project was officially completed, and the plant made fully operational in July 2018, the company could point to one of its biggest successes.

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April 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : C. Steinweg Group

Founded in 1847 in the Port of Rotterdam, C. Steinweg is one of the world's leading warehousing and logistics service providers, with a long heritage of expertise in the commodity trade. With a vast network of 110 offices on every major continent, the Group has grown into a truly multinational company with close to 7 Million m2 of space and 20 km length of quay, handling over 25 million metric tons of various commodities annually.

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