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April 2020 Issue

ISO Standards - Spurring Sustainable Business Development (SIRIM QAS)

SIRIM QAS International is the largest certification body in Malaysia that provides certification services to organisations worldwide. The Senior General Manager of the organisation’s Management System Certification Department, Mr. Mohd Hamim Imam Mustain said it is vital for organisations to comply and be certified with recognised standards to spur business growth. He added that certifications not only allow organisations to show evidence that they are complying with national or international requirements but also ensure that the management systems in place are being maintained effectively.

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January 2020 Issue

Universiti Putra Malaysia : Taking the Lead in UAV Research and Development

Since its inception in 1996, the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has been at the forefront of Malaysian research in the aerospace subject matter. The academic staff of the department has ample background and specialisations in all major fields of aerospace engineering: aerodynamics, propulsion, heat transfer, air- and space-craft systems and avionics, materials and structures, guidance and control, and vehicle design.

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Last Updated : Thursday 22nd October 2020