Medical and Healthcare Services


The medical and healthcare services in this booklet only cover general medical services, dental services, pharmaceutical services, nursing and midwifery. It does not include medical speciality services (classified under code 93122, Central Product Classification). 

Medical services (classified under code 85121, Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification) refer to the consultation and treatment activities of general physicians and medical specialists. It involves activities of doctors of general medicine or medical specialists or surgeons in health institutions (including hospital outpatient clinics and departments of prepaid groups of physicians) or private practice. It includes activities carried out in clinics such as those attached to firms, schools, homes for the aged, labour organisation and fraternal organisations as well as in patients’ homes. Patients are usually ambulatory and can be referred to specialists by general practitioners. It excludes in-patient hospital activities and para-medical activities such as those of midwives, nurses and physiotherapists. 

Dental services (classified under code 85122, Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification) refer to general or specialised practices and can be carried out in private clinics or hospitals or institutions of higher education. Pharmacy, nursing and midwifery (classified under code 8519, Malaysian Standard Industrial Classification) are under other human health activities. 

Medical and Healthcare Services


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Last Updated : Friday 27th November 2020