Management Consultancy Services


Business and management consultancy services (classified under code 7414, Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification) include the provision of advice, guidance or operational assistance to businesses. These activities involve public relations, for example through image building and opinion moulding, to improve the relations of the client with the public, media or others, other than by paid advertisements, welfare and charity affairs, politics, lobbying; activities in connection with planning, organising, efficiency and control, management information; combined management consultancy and actual management, for example by agronomists and agricultural economists to farm; arbitration and conciliation between management and labour; and activities of management holding companies. It excludes the following: 

(a) Computer activities. 

(b) Legal advice and representation. 

(c) Accounting, book-keeping and auditing activities and taxation consultancy. 

(d) Market research and public opinion polling. 

(e) Technical advisory activities.

(f ) Advertising activities.

Management Consultancy Services


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Last Updated : Wednesday 30th September 2020