Malaysia’s Lighthouse Project : The Beacon of Malaysia’s Future Industries

A WEF initiative launched in 2018 together with McKinsey to identify and showcase those manufacturers at the forefront of implementing technologies enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) /Industry 4.0 (I4.0) /Smart Manufacturing.

Malaysia Lighthouse Project

In general, the Lighthouse Project consist of industry players that have taken 4IR/ I4.0 /Smart Manufacturing technology from pilot to integration at scale, thus achieving significant financial and operational benefits. The term “lighthouse” denotes that these factories can act as beacons to guide the many thousands of others around the world that are still looking to apply technologies like artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and other Industry 4.0 technology pillars as well as overcome challenges in upgrading existing production systems. By embracing Lighthouse Model adoption, industries can jumpstart the current productivity stagnation and reset their benchmarks for operational and financial key performance indicators (KPIs). In tandem with this, the technology can create a better, cleaner world through new levels of efficiency in manufacturing and its related ecosystem.

The objectives of the Lighthouse initiative by MIDA are :
1) To reposition Malaysia to be among the top Global Manufacturing nation with latest technology adoption and innovation
2) MIDA’s continuous effort in driving the Industry 4WRD initiatives towards reality
3) To assist existing Industry sector to become a Lighthouse

This Google Survey Form will collect and register interest from potential Lighthouse companies in Malaysia. You may refer to the guidelines attached.



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