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M&E industry has been identified as one of the catalytic sub-sectors under the 11th Malaysia Plan to spur the country’s economic transformation to greater prosperity. The growth will focus on the manufacture of high value-added and high technology M&E. The shifting dynamics of global manufacturing are creating an opportunity for a new generation of goods, products and services.

As it stands, Malaysia’s M&E sector can be separated into five very broad groups:

  • Specialised machinery and equipment for specific industries
  • Power generating machinery and equipment
  • Metalworking machinery
  • General industrial machinery and equipment, modules and components
  • Upgrading or reconditioning of M&E

M&E industry is always at the forefront of the global Industrial Revolution. This sector has seen the progression from the mechanisation era (Industry 1.0) moving to mass production machines (Industry 2.0) followed by the adoption of automation machine (Industry 3.0) and now the Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) which is becoming an integral part of future manufacturing. These achievements showcased the advancement of technological convergence, translated into many innovative products combining arrays of elements such as electronics, advanced materials and software integration.

The Government continues to place huge emphasis on developing a sophisticated and state of the art M&E industry; encourage local players to intensify the adoption of advanced technologies to keep pace and be prepared to support the requirements of future advanced manufacturing covering broad sections of the economy.

The M&E industry is highly competitive and consistently striving to innovate new production systems, to provide integrated solutions covering the whole production processes with the most advanced technologies and automation. Malaysian M&E companies need to further up-scale their productions through adopting smarter ways in manufacturing and leverage on the growing opportunities in the region and integrate themselves into the global supply chain and achieve international recognition.

Malaysia’s modern M&E industry is a far cry from just servicing imported M&E to support the agricultural and resource-based industries. Over time it has evolved and attained global recognition amongst prestigious manufacturers of specialised process and automation equipment, particularly for the electrical and electronics (E&E) industry and material handling equipment.

More Malaysian companies are transforming from being contract manufacturers to becoming Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), investing heavily in R&D, engineering design, innovation and system integration. With enhanced capabilities and involvement in higher value-added activities throughout the M&E ecosystem, Malaysian companies have achieved international recognition to integrate themselves into the global supply chain. Most exciting of all, Malaysians are also applying their knowledge and resources towards developing their own proprietary M&E for global exports.

The future direction of the M&E industry will be focused on high technology and high value-added M&E combining key future technologies including electronics, robotics, advanced materials and software integration. The industry must strengthen its core activities such as R&D, D&D, prototyping, software development, system integration, assembly, testing and calibration. With the availability of high skilled human resources and strong prevailing IP protection laws, coupled with a dynamic engineering supporting industry, providing total solutions, Malaysia will remain competitive as a preferred location for manufacturing solutions and production technology


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