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From the early years of its operation in 1996, KPJ Ampang has been in compliance with numerous local quality certifications including consecutive accreditation status by the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) beginning year 2000.

Joint Commission International (JCI) has identified KPJ Ampang amongst hospitals with the best practices in quality and patient safety around the world since 2012, indicating that we are at par with any other renowned international hospitals with high standard of service quality, delivery and hospitality. Being a serious player in this industry, we aimed to be the pioneer in transforming healthcare delivery approach by being first Gold Award recipient for Planetree Accreditation by 2018.

Located nearby the city center, we are expanding with a new building of 15-storey with additional 150 beds, we are committed at ensuring engagement with the latest medical technology. In the coming year, we anticipate to remain succeed in facing the ever growing demands and be a competitive challenger of quality healthcare providers by providing;

1-Oncology Unit/Services with chemotherapy

2-Radiotherapy – High-end Linear Accelerator: Linac Elektra (Versa HD)

3-Positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET CT).


Angiography – Cathlab

With new Stent-boost capability which allow cardiologist visualize real time image of stent during procedure.

3D DIGITAL Mammogram

Our 3D Mammogram machine is equipped with Hologic Tomosynthesis with improve detection rate at low radiation dose.

IBM Watson for Oncology

The first hospital in Malaysia that adopts Watson for Oncology- a cognitive computing platform, to provide insights that help doctors deliver evidence-based cancer treatment options.

Malaysia attracts medical tourists and investors alike for its favorable exchange rate, political and economic stability and high rate of literacy. A comprehensive network of hospitals and clinics allows 88.5 percent of its population living within three miles healthcare services.

Malaysia’s healthcare travel industry is recognised by International Living as the country with the “Best Healthcare System in the World” and awarded by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) for “Destination of the Year” from 2015 to 2017 which testify Malaysia’s well-developed healthcare system with high levels of clinical excellence, advanced medical facilities, competitively affordable rates and of world-class quality.

Collaborative efforts with the Department of Immigration Malaysia facilitate the entry of medical travelers to the country through the Malaysia Healthcare Traveller Programme (MHTP) which includes the introduction of eVisa (Medical).

With our committed medical professionals in providing world-class services, KPJ Ampang under KPJ Healthcare Berhad has seen a steady influx of international patients seeking not just curative, but also preventive and lifestyle treatments. Efforts have been undertaken to promote our services to the overseas market through participation in activities and collaboration with government agencies and travel agents, internationally.

KPJ Ampang application for Investment Tax Allowance for our project on new 15 stories hospital block which cost more than RM180 million has been approved in 2014. The project includes high end equipment investment. MIDA has been very supportive in guiding and assisting us on how to fulfil all the requirement that is expected for approval of our application.


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