IDEMITSU has successfully recorded its progressive 107 years as one of the leading “Oil and Petrochemical Company” in Japan. Spreading its operation worldwide, Malaysia is one of the most important footprints for the group.


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In 1972, IDEMITSU established Petrochemical (M) Sdn Bhd, a pioneer plastic resin producer in Malaysia. We have started producing Polystyrene, which is an important material to support the 

In the early 90’s, we have further expanded our platform by working together with PETRONAS. In 1997, Styrene Monomer Joint venture, Idemitsu SM (M) Sdn Bhd (IDEMITSU 70%, PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP 30%, located in Johor) was commissioned. And Ethylene JV, Petronas Chemical Ethylene Sdn. Bhd. (IDEMITSU12.5%, PCG 87.5%, located in Terengganu) was commissioned in 1995. These projects have completed the Styrene Value Chain in Malaysia, and demonstrate the strong potential in its business model as Gas to Polymer.Given the favorable environment, “Look East policy” and support from MIDA and significant presence of PETRONAS, IDEMITSU has accumulated over 4 decades of history in Malaysia.developments in electric appliance industry in Asian countries.

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Idemitsu is impressed by the professionalism of MIDA and the commitment in understanding foreign investors’ need and the initiative taken to co-ordinate meetings with other related Government Agencies. 


idemitsu 3Way forward, IDEMITSU is exploring possibility to further expand its footprint with our friends and partners in Malaysia.


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Last Updated : Tuesday 29th September 2020