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“HP’s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. This motivates and inspires us to invent and reinvent, and to engineer experiences that amaze. HP Malaysia Manufacturing, Penang, our newest HP site lives and breathe the spirit of keep reinventing right from when we first establish the site back in 2015. It was a strategic decision to position a HP site here in Penang, Malaysia where great transparent industry policy, efficient processes for both federal & state agencies making our business flow easier/effective as well as good local suppliers, favourable eco- system for E&E Industries and great availability of skilled professional talent makes our start up smooth.

No reportable injuries on-site since start-up as a result of our focus on interdependent safety culture and with high expectations imposed on our site and a journey of a steep learning curve that employees have to embark on, it was through the spirit of reinvention that made the achievement of 75% ramps possible. We also wanted to recreate the beliefs of our founders when they first started HP back in 1939 in a garage in Silicon Valley. That resulted in the creation of our very own HP Garage (our innovation space) that in partnership with MDEC/PSDC/CREST to foster innovation and industry 4.0 skills within our workforce.

Our spirit of reinvention was not only applied in the manufacturing of our products. Right from the start, we set a bold mission to hire 100% of local skilled workforce. At HP we reinvented the development of Local skilled talent by designing and developing talent pipelines with JMTI & UniMap to upskill SPM certified local workforce to SKM3 or DKM4 technical skillsrelevant to HP technology to join HP as Manufacturing Technician & Engineering Technician respectively. Till to-date close to 100 local talent are enrolled or graduated through these talent pipelines and this has led us to build a strong partnership with the local learning institutions and government agencies to match our bold mission where the results has been promising. We shifted away from the norm of a typical safety and quality culture and embark on a journey to achieve interdependent safety and quality culture at HP Penang. This effort was recognized with a gold award in the MPC at the national level. We have also reinvented in the space of supply chain, developing a centralized procurement with a strategic local sourcing that creates opportunity to be more cost efficient. MIDA has been very instrumental as a part of HP’s journey, where not only by providing HP the technical grants to enable seamless operation transfer from Singapore to Penang but also has been a great support in our journey that helped us to jointly organize 2 supplier days in 2015 & 2016 to enable HP to establish local eco-system which very conducive for our HP PRINT Technology business.

We as HP are big advocates of giving back to the community. One of the best ways to give back is through education. We have adopted an estate school that once housed only 30+ students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 and now enrolment has grown to 60+ in 2 years. With continuous funding and close collaboration with the educators, the transformation of the school has been significant. We have also established close partnership with Penang Science Cluster, with an aim to influence and contribute in STEM education initiatives. With coding projects that have been conducted like project Spark, Hour of Code, and our sponsorship in Code on Wheels, impacting over 1000 students in 2017, have been big wins for the community.

HP will continue to leave its positive footprint in Penang, spreading the spirit of reinvention in every aspect possible. This is our calling. Keep Reinventing.




Last Updated : Friday 27th November 2020