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03 October 2019 - Southeast Asia's internet economy to hit US$300b by 2025 — report
  1. More ​Southeast Asia's internet economy is forecast to reach US$300 billion by 2025 as millions of people in the region take up online shopping and embrace ride-share food delivery, an industry report said
06 September 2019 - Trade uncertainty to trim $850 billion global output: Fed paper
  1. More ​Trade policy uncertainty driven by the Trump administration’s escalating dispute with China means hundreds of billions of dollars in lost U.S. output and as much as $850 billion lost globally through early next year, research published this week by the Federal Reserve suggests
06 September 2019 - Swiss growth slows as global uncertainty holds back investment
  1. More ​Swiss economic growth slowed in the second quarter, with business spending suffering amid fallout from the trade war and a slump in neighbouring Germany
06 September 2019 - Tech leaders in Asia warn of supply chain split
  1. More Such splintering may extend to other areas, including AI
05 September 2019 - China sets sight on leapfrogging US and Japan in fuel-cell vehicles with subsidies for buyers and incentives for charging stations
  1. More ​China’s government has set its sight on fuel-cell vehicles as the next growth engine in the world’s largest automobile market, as it aims to catch up with the United States and Japan in cutting emissions and taking the next giant leap in technology
05 September 2019 - Thailand says economy slowing but no recession, stimulus to lift growth
  1. More ​Thailand’s economy is just slowing but not in a recession yet and recently announced government stimulus measures should help lift growth to 3% this year, according to the country’s finance minister
05 September 2019 - MAS survey: Economists slash 2019 Singapore GDP growth forecast
  1. More ​Economists have sharply cut their forecasts for Singapore’s economic growth in 2019, citing trade tensions and a slowing China as the top risks to the financial hub, a central bank survey showed
05 September 2019 - India’s automotive sector suffers car crash
  1. More Firms lay off 350,000 workers, pain spreads to villages
04 September 2019 - China needs ‘five to 10 years’ to catch up in semiconductors, Peking University professor Zhou Zhiping says
  1. More ​Semiconductors represent the cornerstone technology of the information age. These tiny devices power the world’s modern economies by serving as the data-processing brains in a wide range of products, from personal computers and smartphones to cars and spacecraft
04 September 2019 - Indonesia plans tax overhaul to make tech firms pay VAT - finance minister
  1. More ​Indonesia is preparing a bill that will make tech firms such as Alphabet Inc’ Google and Amazon pay value added tax (VAT), Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said
04 September 2019 - China seen heading for sub-6% economic growth as tariffs soar
  1. More Economists are downgrading their forecasts for economic growth in China again, to below a level seen as necessary for the Communist Party to meet its own goals in time for its centenary in 2021
03 September 2019 - US-China trade risk keeps EM investors on edge
  1. More Developing-nation currencies seen depreciating about 2%
03 September 2019 - Trade war keeps putting pressure on China’s economy
  1. More Domestic and overseas orders drop as higher US tariffs kick in
12 July 2019 - Chip equipment makers see global sales falling
  1. More ​Geopolitical tensions have prompted the US-based Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Industry (SEMI) to reduce its forecast for global sales by over 18% this year to US$52.7bil
04 July 2019 - Zalando to build Rotterdam warehouse to serve western Europe
  1. More Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion retailer, said it would build a 140,000 square meter warehouse near the Dutch port of Rotterdam to serve its customers in the Benelux countries, France, Spain and the United Kingdom
03 July 2019 - Amazon to Hire 2,000 in U.K. for Latest Technology Ventures
  1. More Amazon.com Inc. is set to hire more than 2,000 workers in the U.K., including engineers, software developers and data scientists, to develop its latest technology ventures
03 July 2019 - How US chipmakers pressed Trump to ease Huawei export controls
  1. More President Donald Trump’s decision to allow US companies to continue selling to Huawei followed an extensive lobbying campaign by the US semiconductor industry that argued the ban could hurt America’s economic and national security
02 July 2019 - Factory sentiment gets more frigid across Asia
  1. More PMIs in four countries fall further on US-China trade frictions
02 July 2019 - China to push forward opening up of financial, manufacturing sectors — Premier Li
  1. More China will ease ownership limits for foreign investors in its financial sector in 2020, a year earlier than scheduled, and push forward opening up of its manufacturing sector including the auto industry, Premier Li Keqiang said
02 July 2019 - China says only small number of firms moving supply chains out of the country
  1. More ​Only a small number of companies are moving supply chains out of China, a commerce ministry official said on Tuesday, amid signs that some firms are shifting production to other countries as the U.S-China trade war drags on
01 July 2019 - Positive digital interactions
  1. More Immense potential for brands to engage with customers through technology
28 June 2019 - Toyota to invest US$2b in developing electric vehicles in Indonesia
  1. More ​Toyota Motor Corp plans to invest US$2 billion to develop electric vehicles (EVs) in Indonesia over the next four years, starting with hybrid vehicles, Indonesia's coordinating ministry for maritime affairs said
28 June 2019 - Singapore to Focus on Regional Deals as Trade War Thwarts Growth
  1. More ​Singapore will focus on regional trade and digital economic agreements to counter the impact of the U.S.-China trade war that’s weighing on the nation’s growth prospects and prompting some economists to warn of a recession risk
25 June 2019 - Chevron joins Qatar to build Mid-East’s biggest ethylene plant
  1. More ​Chevron Phillips Chemical Co will help gas-rich Qatar build the Middle East’s largest plant for production of ethylene, a key ingredient in plastics
25 June 2019 - German business confidence dives as economy wobbles
  1. More ​A slump in German business confidence deepened in June as trade tensions weighed on manufacturers
21 June 2019 - Southeast Asia's first 5G internet for homes is in Philippines
  1. More ​Globe Telecom Inc will offer next month a fifth generation or 5G wireless broadband for Philippines homes, the first commercially available internet with such speed in Southeast Asia, the company said
21 June 2019 - Foxconn’s billionaire founder urges Apple to move plants from China
  1. More The billionaire founder of Apple Inc’s largest supplier asked the US company to move part of its sprawling production chain from China to neighboring Taiwan
20 June 2019 - Renault, Nissan join Waymo in exploring driverless services in France, Japan
  1. More French automaker Renault SA, its Japanese partner Nissan Motor Co and tech giant Alphabet Inc’s Waymo are exploring a partnership to develop and use self-driving vehicles to transport people and goods in France and Japan, the companies said
20 June 2019 - China could build 30 'Belt and Road' nuclear reactors by 2030: official
  1. More ​China could build as many as 30 overseas nuclear reactors through its involvement in the “Belt and Road” initiative over the next decade, a senior industry official told a meeting of China’s political advisory body this week
19 June 2019 - Truckmaker Volvo to partner with Nvidia to develop AI for driverless vehicles
  1. More Sweden’s AB Volvo is joining forces with U.S. chipmaker Nvidia to develop artificial intelligence used in self-driving trucks, the companies said
18 June 2019 - VW moves to trim its empire
  1. More World’s biggest carmaker to list its truck division in US$2bil IPO
13 June 2019 - Musk hints at more Tesla plants in China
  1. More Elon Musk signalled that Tesla Inc, which is striving to complete construction of its first car plant in China, could eventually have more production facilities in the country given in the market's scale
13 June 2019 - Solar has new way to duck Trump's tariffs: Two-sided panels
  1. More ​The solar industry has a new way of ducking the Trump administration’s tariffs on its imports: two-sided panels
13 June 2019 - Oil’s 2019 Weakness Has Roots in 2018’s Strength
  1. More Oil has a demand problem. You can see it, most obviously, in headline crude oil prices, which slumped again Wednesday morning. You can see it in Asian refining margins and physical premia. You can see it in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to maintain supply cuts, rapidly turning into an oily version of Dylan’s Never Ending Tour
13 June 2019 - Europe fears manufacturing meltdown will infect rest of economy
  1. More ​European industry is in trouble and there’s a risk it will infect other parts of the economy, deepening the slowdown that’s already left the region fragile
12 June 2019 - India’s economic growth may not be so rosy after all new study shows 2011-2017 expansion overestimated
  1. More The entire methodology and implementation for GDP estimation must be revisited by an independent task force
12 June 2019 - How China overpowered US to win the battle for rare earths
  1. More ​It was Beijing’s decision almost 30 years ago to make rare earths a strategic material, and ban foreigners from mining them, that helped pave the way for China to elbow aside the United States as the world’s leading producer
11 June 2019 - Renault’s 20-year marriage with Nissan may be in trouble
  1. More Stung by the shock arrest of their leader, and now a failed deal to create one of the world’s biggest automakers, decades-long partners Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co may have finally reached boiling point in their relationship
03 June 2019 - US ends India's preferential trade status
  1. More The United States will end preferential trade treatment for India, President Donald Trump has announced, in a fresh economic headwind for New Delhi alongside slowing growth and record unemployment
03 June 2019 - Robo-deliveries are now a reality in China
  1. More Forget drones. The future of deliveries may be robo-vans
03 June 2019 - Global recession fears grow as manufacturing shrinks across Asia
  1. More Factory activity contracted in most Asian countries last month, as an escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing raised fears of a global economic downturn and heaped pressure on policymakers in the region and beyond to roll out more stimulus
31 May 2019 - Senard: Jobs and Nissan will be safe in Fiat deal
  1. More Renault chairman in Japan to sell merger deal to Nissan
31 May 2019 - We all need to calm down about rare earths
  1. More ​Once every decade or so, the world goes through a collective freak-out about rare earths
31 May 2019 - Asian automaker shares hit as Trump threatens Mexico with tariffs
  1. More Shares in Asia's major automakers and their suppliers sank on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to slap tariffs on Mexican imports next month, potentially affecting vehicles made in Mexico and sold north of the border
30 May 2019 - Cautionary Rare Earths Tale Found in Molycorp's Rise and Fall
  1. More ​Investors with long memories might be forgiven for a sense of deja vu over warnings about rare earths and Chinese supply
30 May 2019 - Huawei launches 5G lab in S.Korea, but keeps event low-key after US ban
  1. More ​Huawei Technologies unveiled an open lab for next-generation 5G wireless network in South Korea on Thursday, but kept the launch low-key given its recent blacklisting by the United States, a key security ally of the Asian nation
29 May 2019 - VW rethinks €50b battery venture push
  1. More Carmaker wary of supply deal with Samsung SDI, say sources
29 May 2019 - Singapore Dethrones U.S. to Top World Competitiveness Rankings
  1. More ​Singapore leapfrogged Hong Kong and the U.S. to take the top spot among the world’s most competitive economies for the first time in nine years
29 May 2019 - Building China’s own chip industry will be a costly 10-year marathon, former Intel China MD says
  1. More ​China’s semiconductor industry needs more than a decade to catch up with global peers due to a weaker industrial base, and the US-China trade war only adds extra pressure, according to a Chinese semiconductor expert
29 May 2019 - Flexible working should be a business rather than gender issue, says Hays
  1. More ​Offering flexible working hours is key to improving a company’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) effectiveness – not as a “female friendly” policy just for the benefit of working mothers, but simply a “family friendly” one
28 May 2019 - Fiat Chrysler seeks Renault merger to meet auto challenges
  1. More Fiat Chrysler has pitched a finely balanced merger of equals to Renault in a move to cope with the costs of far-reaching technological and regulatory changes by creating the world’s third biggest carmaker
27 May 2019 - Toyota to build its first assembly plant in Myanmar
  1. More Suppliers expected to follow automaker as Suu Kyi seeks local investment
27 May 2019 - Asian renewable energy investment to overtake upstream O&G spending in 2020 — Rystad
  1. More Renewable energy investment in the Asia-Pacific region will overtake spending on oil and gas exploration by 2020, consultancy Rystad Energy said
27 May 2019 - Fiat Chrysler in tie-up talks with Renault
  1. More Partnership could address some of their main weaknesses
27 May 2019 - Asia Pacific leads digital commerce trend
  1. More ​With the rapid spread of mobile technology in Asia Pacific, the region is expected to take the lead in shaping digital commerce trends over the next few years
24 May 2019 - How Huawei could end up challenging Google
  1. More ​By imposing restrictions on Huawei Technologies Co, the administration of US President Donald Trump may force the Chinese company to do something that no one in tech has dared to do for a long time: Challenge Google’s control of the Android universe, which earned the US company a huge European fine last year
24 May 2019 - Fresh blow for Huawei
  1. More British chip designer ARM, Panasonic latest to disengage with telecom company
24 May 2019 - HSBC helps China’s manufacturers expand their production lines in Southeast Asia to dodge trade war tariffs
  1. More ​HSBC, the largest lender in Hong Kong and Europe, said it is offering a lifeline to business clients looking to shield themselves from the full force of the US-China trade war by expanding their production facilities in Southeast Asia
24 May 2019 - What it will mean to have India in APEC
  1. More One key benefit for member states is market access
23 May 2019 - Toyota’s Japan Taxi becomes an expensive Olympic symbol
  1. More ​Toyota Motor’s Japan Taxi, born in a government committee and designed to be an all-things-to-all-people cab, has become a high-priced icon of Tokyo’s budget-busting 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games
23 May 2019 - Trade war has surprise beneficiary — China distressed firms
  1. More China’s increasing need to sustain easier credit conditions as trade tensions escalate is offering a reprieve to the nation’s distressed debtors
23 May 2019 - American companies in China mull relocation or investment cuts
  1. More About a fifth of US companies in China are considering moving some or all of their production out of the country to deal with the trade tensions, and a third are delaying or cancelling investment decisions, according to a survey of 239 American firms in the market
22 May 2019 - 'U.S. move clouds outlook'
  1. More China purchases from Asian semicoductor exporters slowing, ward Citigroup
17 May 2019 - Air taxi startup Lilium stages test 'hover' of five-seater prototype
  1. More ​Air taxi startup Lilium has staged a successful maiden flight of a five-seater prototype that it hopes to bring into service by 2025 to whisk passengers between cities without the hassle of an airport check-in
16 May 2019 - Indonesia has a US$412b plan to rebuild the country
  1. More ​Indonesia is drafting ambitious plans for more than US$400 billion in building projects, from constructing 25 airports to new power plants, as the government seeks to stoke growth in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, according to the country’s planning minister
15 May 2019 - Trade war appears to be driven more by sentiment
  1. More Stock volatility in response to the US-China trade war appears more sentiment-driven than fundamental
15 May 2019 - U.S. nears deal with Canada-Mexico over removing metals tariffs
  1. More ​The Trump administration is nearing a deal with Canada and Mexico to remove U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs, as part of discussions about a new trade agreement among the three countries, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said
15 May 2019 - US farmers face growing pain from Trump’s trade war
  1. More Among the hardest hit from standoff with China are soybean farmers
15 May 2019 - Amazon debuts click-and-collect services in UK, Italy
  1. More Amazon.com com is launching a delivery option that will let customers retrieve parcels from staffed counters at the UK and Italian retailers
15 May 2019 - Trade war to escalate?
  1. More US prepare new tariffs ahead of Trump's meeting with Xi at G20 summit
14 May 2019 - Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs
  1. More ​Amazon.com Inc is rolling out machines to automate a job held by thousands of its workers: boxing up customer orders
14 May 2019 - China will ‘never surrender’ as US trade row heats up
  1. More ​China will never surrender to external pressure, the government said, though stopped short of announcing how Beijing will hit back after Washington renewed its threat to impose tariffs on all Chinese imports in an escalating trade dispute
14 May 2019 - Global auto supplier Bosch goes for platinum-light fuel cells
  1. More ​Global automotive supplier Bosch expects platinum to play only a minor role in its new fuel cells, giving precious metal markets scant benefit even as the technology gains momentum for pollution-free transport
13 May 2019 - Fanuc to build new plant to harness 5G and self-driving demand
  1. More Robot maker to invest $28m to mass-produce equipment for high-end lenses
11 May 2019 - Countries agree on treaty to regulate trade in plastic waste
  1. More Nearly all countries agreed on Friday to a legally binding framework to curb plastic waste, which has become a major threat to the marine environment, the United Nations said
10 May 2019 - What’s up with manufacturing?
  1. More Manufacturing is a small part of most advanced economies. The modern consumer spends much more on services. But manufacturing has not shrunk to zero. Making things still matters. It is between 10% and 30% of what major economies do. A lot of the recent economic growth slowdown has been caused by a slowdown in manufacturing. So what has happened to making things?
10 May 2019 - Escalation in US-China trade spat is biggest threat to world growth: Le Maire
  1. More ​French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Friday said that an escalation in the trade dispute between China and the United States posed the gravest threat to global growth and threatened jobs across Europe
09 May 2019 - Trump says China 'broke the deal' in trade talks, will pay through tariffs
  1. More ​President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that China "broke the deal" in trade talks with Washington and would face stiff tariffs if no agreement is reached
09 May 2019 - The best and worst airlines and airports of 2019
  1. More Had a bad experience at Newark Liberty Airport last year? You’re not alone, according to recent rankings
09 May 2019 - First patents surface for Dyson electric car planned for 2021
  1. More ​Dyson Ltd’s electric car may have a long wheel base, an interior cabin with reclining seats and an aerodynamic design, according to patents awarded to the company
08 May 2019 - U.S. job openings increase by most in a year, topping estimates
  1. More ​U.S. job openings rebounded more than expected in the biggest gain in a year, indicating demand for workers remains healthy in a tight labour market
07 May 2019 - China to delay next trade talks?
  1. More Beijing seen retaliating following Trump's threat to hike tariffs on US$200b of imports to 25pc
07 May 2019 - Ikea plans to invest US$448mil in France
  1. More ​Ikea plans to invest 400 million euros (US$448mil) in France over the next three years as it builds up its new city centre stores in the country, Ikea France chief executive Walter Kadnar said
06 May 2019 - Future of work in the digital economy
  1. More ​Globalisation, technology, mobility, Millennials and new attitudes are causing the employment scene to change at an ever-faster rate
06 May 2019 - Mitsubishi plans $1.4 billion rescue for plant engineering firm Chiyoda: Nikkei
  1. More Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp and MUFG Bank plan to rescue plant engineering company Chiyoda Corp with a $1.4 billion lifeline, betting on a turnaround fueled by greater LNG demand, the Nikkei newspaper reported
06 May 2019 - Indonesia first-quarter GDP growth slower than expected as investment cools
  1. More ​Indonesia’s gross domestic product grew more slowly than expected in the first quarter of this year, as investment dropped and prices of its main commodities softened, data from the statistics bureau showed
06 May 2019 - Forgers Are Forcing a $9 Trillion Business Into the Digital Age
  1. More ​The $9 trillion business of financing global trade needs to go digital, according to southeast Asia’s second-biggest lender
06 May 2019 - India needs an investment czar
  1. More It’s time for a technocrat to step in to deal with stressed investments
06 May 2019 - Singapore to carry out labour curbs
  1. More Manufacturers may face skills shortage
06 May 2019 - Holding Beijing to its word
  1. More US experts mull enforcement of trade deal amid tariff war
03 May 2019 - Tesla ends 'Spartan diet' and seeks $2.3 billion to fund expansion
  1. More ​Tesla Inc will raise up to $2.3 billion in new capital, renouncing what Elon Musk called a “Spartan diet” and easing Wall Street concerns about the money-losing company’s ability to overcome a drop in sales and build new product lines
03 May 2019 - Huawei again overtakes Apple as global smartphone market tanks
  1. More ​Huawei Technologies Co overtook Apple Inc to claim the No. 2 spot in smartphones in the first quarter, moving a step closer to its avowed ambition of displacing Samsung at the top of the market
03 May 2019 - ECB Officials Express Confidence in Stabilizing Economy
  1. More ​European Central Bank officials expressed confidence over the euro area’s brightening economic outlook, while hinting at differing preferences for the speed at which monetary policy should respond to recent improvements
02 May 2019 - Amazon dismisses idea automation will eliminate all its warehouse jobs soon
  1. More ​Amazon.com Inc dismissed the idea of running a fully automated warehouse in the near future, citing the superior cognitive ability of humans and limitations of current technology
02 May 2019 - Asia factory activity 'bottoming out' but policy support still needed
  1. More ​Factory activity recovered last month in parts of Asia but still appeared to be on shaky ground as global demand remained subdued and China's stimulus measures were yet to show their full pulling power
02 May 2019 - AMD forecast buoys confidence in the chipmaker
  1. More ​Advanced Micro Devices Inc gave a quarterly sales forecast that was in line with analysts’ estimates, indicating renewed momentum in its bid to take market share from Intel Corp in microprocessors
30 April 2019 - US-China trade talks reach endgame
  1. More Bilateral ties may hinge on enforcement of trade deal
30 April 2019 - Fiat Chrysler CEO sure carmaker can survive tech disruption
  1. More ​Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is a “house of brands” and that ensures it will be one of the few traditional automakers to survive the disruption the car industry is facing from the rise of electric and self-driving cars, according to chief executive officer Mike Manley
30 April 2019 - Renault-Nissan merger idea revived
  1. More However there is a Ghosn in the engine blocking such a move
20 April 2019 - No Japanese companies plan to ditch UK as Brexit looms — survey
  1. More ​Japanese businesses with links to Britain say they have no immediate plans to flee the country as its Government seeks to hammer out terms of its exit from the European Union, a Reuters poll found

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