Functions of MIDA

1. to promote foreign and local investments in the manufacturing and services sectors

2. to undertake planning for industrial development in Malaysia

3. to recommend policies and strategies on industrial promotion and development to the Minister of International Trade and Industry

4. to evaluate applications for manufacturing licences and expatriate posts; tax incentives for manufacturing activities, tourism, R&D,training institutions and software development; and duty exemption on raw materials, components and machinery

5. Issuance of confirmation letter to the application of import duty and/or sales tax exemption on machinery, equipment, spare parts, consumables. prime mover and container trailers for manufacturers in the principal custom area (PCA), companies engaged in hotel business and haulage operators under the self-declarations mechanism, effective 2 May 2014

6. to assist companies in the implementation and operation of their projects, and offer assistance through direct consultation and consultation and co-operation with the relevant authorities at both the federal and state levels

7. to facilitate the exchange of information and co-ordination among institutions engaged in or connected with industrial development

8. to further enhance MIDA's role of assisting investors, senior representatives from key agencies are stationed at MIDA's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to advise investors on government policies and procedures. These representatives include officials from the Ministry of Human Resources, Immigration Department, Royal Customs Malaysia, Department of Environment, Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.


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Last Updated : Thursday 22nd October 2020