Engineering and Energy Consultancy Services


Engineering services (classified under code 8672 of the Central Product Classification) cover all engineering activities except integrated engineering services, namely: 

(i) advisory and consultative engineering services; 

(ii) engineering design services for the construction of foundations and building structures; 

(iii) engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings;

(iv) engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works;

(v) engineering design services for industrial processes and production;

(vi) engineering design services n.e.c (acoustical and vibration engineering designs); 

(vii) other engineering services during the construction and installation phase;

(viii) other engineering services. 

Advisory and consultative engineering services in the energy sector include the provision of assistance, advisory and recommendation services concerning engineering matters. Included here are the undertakings of preparatory technical feasibility studies and project impact studies in the energy sector. 

In Malaysia, oil, gas, coal, electricity (hydroelectricity and thermal), renewable energy (biomass, solar, biogas, municipal wastes, mini-hydro, wind etc.) make up the energy sector. 

Engineering consultants who specialise in the energy-related activities are able to provide consultancy services in power generation, transmission and distribution, oil/gas/coal-fired plants and hydro schemes, rural and urban electrification schemes, electrical sub-stations, utility services and production facilities for oil/gas and petrochemical industry, energy audit, study, training, application, management and conservation, project management, power quality management, turnkey services and any other activities related to energy. 

Engineering and Energy Consultancy Services


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