Education and Industrial Training Services.


Education and industrial training services include private higher education (including college and university education) and other technical and vocational education. 

Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) include the following: 

• Private universities and branch campuses of foreign universities with university status; 

• Private colleges/institutions with non-university status; and 

• Technical and vocational training institutions. 

The establishment, management and quality of the courses of study conducted in a PHEI are governed by the following Acts: 

• Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 

• National Accreditation Board Act, 1996 

• The Education Act, 1996 

• The Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) Act, 1996

Education and Industrial Training Services


Distributive Trade Services

Architectural Consultancy Services


Engineering and Energy Consultancy Services

Environmental Management Services

Last Updated : Friday 27th November 2020