Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu

Cititel Express Kota Kinabalu is owned by Lagenda Sutera (M) Sdn Bhd, a 100% owned subsidiary company of IGB Corporation Berhad (“IGB”), a three star hotel developed under the brand name of Cititel Express. It is IGB’s first hotel development in Sabah, East Malaysia and the total construction cost of the hotel was around RM35 million. The construction of the hotel took two years to complete and it was opened for business in August 2009. The hotel currently employs more than 60 employees and most of them are local staff.

We consulted the MIDA’s Business and Other Services Division for advice on the type of incentives available and we indeed appreciate the assistance and advice given which facilitated us on the decision to apply for the incentives. We applied to MIDA for Investment Tax Allowance during the construction of the hotel and it was approved in March 2011. The assistance given by the staff who were very professional, friendly and helpful, includes provision of free consultation on the type of incentives, the eligibility and documents needed for the application. They are always willing to help and promote the investments for the benefit of the country by giving encouragement and advice for further investment.

We continue on the consultation with them for future investment be it construction of new hotels or renovation of existing hotels and we are willing to invest further in hotel development especially hotels under Cititel and St Giles brand in Malaysia with the availability of such incentives. We take this opportunity to put on record our appreciation for the assistance and guidance given to us by the staff of MIDA.


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Last Updated : Tuesday 29th September 2020