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AVIALITE Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Nov 2004, when its first model prototype of low intensity LED aviation light Li-3280 took shape in a small research bench setting in Kuala Lumpur. The initial idea of manufacturing aviation obstruction lights in Malaysia was sparked when marketing of imported aviation lights in Malaysia become very difficult due to the increase in Euro currency during the early 2000s and that the European manufacturers were slow to take on the new LED technology trend. Having immense passion and interest in electronics, as a qualified engineer in E&E, Ir. A. L. Chew started to design and built an LED aviation light.

With his vast experience in selling aviation lights, Ir. A.L. Chew was able to identify several issues that the conventional aviation lights had. The high humidity in Malaysia had always cause moisture to collect inside the glass cover dome of the imported aviation lights. Having used to seal the neon type lights with silicon gel to prevent moisture from entering the insides of the aviation light, Ir. Chew knew he needed to design a new aviation light that is fully weatherproof that incorporates the latest LED technology into his new design of aviation light.

From there, Ir. Chew came out with AVIALITE's first product, the low intensity LED aviation light Li-3280. With its unique design features that addressed the shortcomings of conventional aviation lights, AVIALITE was successful in establishing a market presence domestically in Malaysia, with Telekom Malaysia as it's very first customer..

With its unique and innovative design of an aviation obstacle light, AVIALITE was recognized and awarded Pioneer Status for the product by MIDA in 2006, for being the first homegrown manufacturer in the field of aviation lighting technology using LEDs, in Malaysia. Also, with the support of MATRADE and the WTOP award in export, today, AVIALITE has successfully exported our products to Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, U.A.E, Africa and many other countries. Now, more than 80% of AVIALITE's production is exported overseas. Aviation obstruction lights main applications would be on telecommunication towers, tall buildings, chimneys, pylons, transmission lines, etc to mark the high structures to warn pilots of impending dangerous obstacles within the airspace.

Over the past 5 years, AVIALITE's product range and models have increased. Though continuous R&D to meet customer and market needs, AVIALITE's latest generation of low intensity LED aviation obstruction light has many additional features and is extremely compact and lightweight, less than 1/3 the weight of competitor products, while still providing the required luminous light output, and fully complying to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations. AVIALITE's core technology is patent pending.

On 26th April 2010, in conjunction with National Intellectual Property Day 2010, Ir. A. L. Chew was selected as the top 5 finalist for the 2010 National Intellectual Property Award above 18 years old, Individual Category for his innovative product invention. Among the top 5 finalists Ir. Chew is the only one from the industry and not funded by a research Institute or University. This recognition reflects AVIALITE's motto of continuous innovation and quality improvement of its products. AVIALITE's is developing a new product range that are technically more challenging and of high end product line. AVIALITE will be launching its new Medium Intensity LED aviation lights in July 2010 which is more than 60 times the luminous output of existing low intensity range of products.

Although the home market for AVIALITE's specialized range of product is small in Malaysia, it has a very conducive business environment with various incentives and grants in place from Malaysian government agencies. MIDA, MATRADE and SMECorp have been instrumental in providing incentives and guidance to help AVIALITE expand and reach out to achieve even greater heights in its product innovation, technology and business. This is very important to compete globally in the borderless world market.


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