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In Penang, Ambu manufactures single-use medical electrodes for patient monitoring and diagnostics as well as scopes for airway management. Starting out in 1995 from a rented premise with a floor space of 800 m2, Ambu today has a manufacturing floor space of nearly 25,000 m2 in Penang. While the core products for this factory is still the surface and needle electrodes for cardiology and neurology procedures, the future for Ambu lies in the single-use medical videoscopes for a variety of medical procedures.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the factory in Penang in the beginning. After setting up operations here, there was still doubts about the group’s manufacturing strategy and if there was another location in Asia which trumps Penang. Ambu already has another manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China and the topic of Malaysia vs. China as the future for manufacturing was constantly discussed. After many defining moments and successes of the operations here, there is now no doubt that Penang is the future for Ambu’s manufacturing strategy in Asia.

Main reason for choosing Malaysia is because the availability of its skilled workforce. Coming close is the use of English for communication and the business-friendly environment for investors. Our success in Malaysia has largely been the result of our dedicated workforce which continuously delivers results, muses Henrik Ankjær, the Senior Vice-President of Asia. He adds that in Penang, the infrastructure is well in place and assistance from a government organisation like MIDA is a comfort to have the need arises.


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Last Updated : Wednesday 30th September 2020