Airbus and Malaysia have been strategic partners for 40 years, going back to when Malaysia Airlines ordered the original A300B4 wide-body aircraft. Since then, the country has become a key customer base for the company in the Asia-Pacific region across its commercial aircraft, defence, space and helicopter product lines.

Today, Airbus is the leading supplier of civil aircraft to Malaysia with a total of 727 aircraft ordered by the country’s airline. This makes Malaysia Airbus’ the third-largest market in the Asia–Pacific region after China and India. Aircraft across the company’s product line – the A320 Family, the A330, the A350 XWB and the A380 – are in service in the country. They operate on everything from domestic and regional routes, to services within the Asia-Pacific region and to the Middle East, as well as premier long-haul services to Europe, helping to make Malaysia a key regional air hub.

The company is also a leader in Malaysia’s rotorcraft segment with over 100 civil and military helicopters in service in the country. Malaysia is also the first export nation for the A400M airlifter, and the RMAF took delivery of its fourth aircraft in 2017. In the space segment, Airbus delivered MEASAT-3b, the largest satellite ordered by the country’s communication sector, in 2014.Beyond the commercial success, Airbus has also developed strong industrial partnerships with Malaysia that have brought multiple benefits to the country’s economy.

Malaysia is the largest supplier of composite aerostructuresand components for the company in South East Asia, and every Airbus aircraft flying across the globe today has parts produced in the country. The company’s industrial partners in Malaysia include CTRM, SME Aerospace, Spirit Aerosystems Malaysia, Strand Aerospace Malaysia and SDMK Sdn. Bhd.

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Airbus has also set up maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and training facilities in the country. This includes Sepang Aircraft Engineering, which focuses on single-aisle passenger aircraft, as well as Airbus Helicopters Malaysia which support the rotorcraft that are in service in the country and the region. The company’s sourcing and partnerships are worth USD 400 million per year for the local economy and sustain over 4,000 Malaysian jobs, making Airbus the largest partner for Malaysia’s aerospace industry.


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Last Updated : Wednesday 30th September 2020