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Aemulus Corporation based in Penang is a design house also develops and market automated test equipment (ATE) for radio frequency (RF) and mixed-signal semiconductor test markets as well as automotive and lighting markets. Aemulus Corporation grew from a private company to a public company in 2014, and later established a branch office in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2017. Our customers’ base stretched half a globe from Malaysia, over Far East Region, and to the United States of America.

In Aemulus, we do not confine ourselves to what exists now; we believe in being creative in design methodologies, and innovative in providing solutions. Aemulus has two prominent products namely Amoeba™ Series AMB7600 and AMB4600; each caters to RF market and enterprise storage market. Our customers’ growth and success reflect our capabilities and technologies. It is our objective to provide test solutions that can propel our customers towards optimum productivity and operational efficiency. Aligned with our objective, we are adaptable to constant change in generating continuous market growth. Speed and time define semiconductor test industry, as such; our strategy involves innovating features that can lower the Cost of Test (CoT) without reducing the cost of test platforms.

In 1970’s, Bayan Lepas, Penang was turned into a Free Trade Zone (now known as Free Industrial Zone) and became the Silicon Valley of the East over the years. A melting pot of different technologies and a large pool of talents served a local startup company like us well to thrive in semiconductor test industry. Aemulus received a grant under the Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF) through MIDA. It was a turning point for Aemulus —from designing a source measurement unit to a full-fledged ATE. This grant allowed Aemulus to be business-centric — hopped on the fast track to successfully market RF ATE, and the rest is history.


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