Advertising Services


Its activities also include media representation, aerial advertising, distribution or delivery of advertising materials or samples, and renting of spaces for advertisement. Outdoor advertising refers to billboards, panels, bulletins and frames, window dressing, showroom design, car and bus carding, etc. Media representation refers to sale of time and space for various media soliciting advertising. It excludes the following: 

  • Printing of advertising material which is classified in Item 22210: Printing. 
  • Market research which is classified in Item 74130: Market research and public opinion polling.
  • Public relations activities which are classified in Item 74143: Public relations consultancy services.
  • Direct mailing activities which are classified in Item 74992: Bill collecting, credit rating, direct mailing, mail advertising and similar activities.
  • Production of commercial messages for radio, television and film which are classified in the appropriate items of Group 921: Motion picture, radio, television and other entertainment activities.

Advertising Services


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