TOP opens second medical device company in Malaysia

​Japanese medical device company TOP Corporation has opened its new manufacturing company Medijoy International in Tech-Valley Industrial Park in Seremban

Japanese medical device company TOP Corporation has opened its new manufacturing company Medijoy International in Tech-Valley Industrial Park in Seremban.

Medijoy International Sdn Bhd was official opened by TOP Corporation president Yuji Watanabe on Dec 18, marking the second manufacturing company TOP Corporation is operating in Malaysia as well as commemorating the company’s direction in strengthening production by automation and technological advancement.

Located in the Tech-Valley Industrial Park, Medijoy International is expected to have future expansion to meet the increase in market demands.

TOP Corporation is a medical device manufacturer established in Japan in 1940. Under the company’s philosophy of “Contributing to Human Health and Welfare”, TOP Corporation made its mark as a comprehensive medical devices manufacturer in the provision of glass syringes, needles, infusion sets, infusion needles, feeding sets, catheters, anaesthesia needles, urine bags, medical electronic equipment (infusion pumps, electronic thermometers) and many more.

TOP Corporation is a global company with five manufacturing facilities in Japan and overseas subsidiaries in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The TOP Corporation Group will continue to focus on developing new and innovative products to support the fast changing needs of medical devices and to improve the quality of life of healthcare workers and patients.

Having achieved its ISO13485 certification in Quality System Management for Medical Devices, Medijoy International is set to be technologically integrated, timely and economically driven to meet the rapidly growing demand in Malaysia and South-East Asia for high quality, stable and timely supply of reliable medical devices.

Through this new company, TOP Corporation will continue to strengthen its presence in Malaysia and expand its business further to continue to contribute to the Malaysian economy and supporting employment.

Aiming for the TOP

FIRSTLY, please allow me to express my sincere appreciation to all the people who have cooperated, from the establishment of this company to the completion of the factory, and the successful arrangement of this opening ceremony of Medijoy International Sdn Bhd.

TOP Corporation will be celebrating our 80th Anniversary in 2020. With our company’s philosophy of “Contributing to Human Health and Welfare through the Creation of Better Products”, we have continued to strive in manufacturing products of high quality (TOP in quality) in order to provide safe and secure medical equipment to medical facilities and patients.

Our first company Meditop Corporation which was established in 1990 has expanded in six phases and our current number of employees has reached 2,000 people. With the effort, cooperation and contribution of all employees over the past 30 years, Meditop has grown to become the main production base of TOP Corporation.

Medijoy International as the second production base of TOP Corporation in Malaysia is set to be technologically integrated for higher production capacity and quality with an efficient supply system.

Our target is to provide our products throughout Malaysia and the high growth South-East Asia as well as to have a successful presence in the global market place.

Going forward, TOP Corporation Group will continue to focus on leveraging our strength in the provision of high quality and high value added medical equipment aiming for social contribution and business development.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Yuji Watanabe

President, TOP Corporation Japan

Double joy

THE opening of this new manufacturing company Medijoy International Sdn Bhd sparks enormous joy across the corporation, as our parent company TOP Corporation will be celebrating its 80th anniversary next year.

Concurrently, with two factories operating in Malaysia, the first company Meditop Corporation will mark our 30th anniversary with the launch of this new factory in such a memorable year.

Along the way, with the support of all parties and the efforts of all employees, our Malaysian base which started with hundreds of workers has steadily grown and now we have 2,000 employees in total.

The number of manufactured items and the countries of destination of our products continued to increase. With the introduction of the latest manufacturing equipment in the new factory, we will continue to make further efforts together with all of our employees, eyeing the next milestone in the company’s development.

As I have mentioned earlier, the latest manufacturing equipment introduced in the new factory is the latest manufacturing technology within our group. It reduces the burden on factory workers and makes producing large amounts of low-cost and high quality products possible.

The products manufactured in the new factory will be exported to all over the world, but fast-growing South-East Asia will be our main market. We will continue to practise our corporate philosophy – to produce better medical devices for the health and welfare of the people – through providing cutting-edge and high-quality medical devices to everyone in South-East Asia.

Thank you for always supporting our brand and products.

Kazuhiro Ichikawa

Managing Director, Meditop Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

Great expectations

THIS new company Medijoy International Sdn Bhd is a factory in which our TOP Group has great expectations.

I sincerely would like to thank all of you who have helped with the establishment of this factory.

With the ageing population increasing around the world, the demand for medical devices will also rise further.

In order to supply high-quality and reliable medical equipment to users in a timely manner, we are introducing the latest technology production equipment so that we will achieve a stable supply.

Furthermore, to become the best medical device manufacturer in Malaysia, we will continue to grow with our employees and expand our business further.

Kaoru Kobayashi

Director and Executive Officer, TOP Corporation Japan

Source: The Star 

Posted on : 19 December 2019
Last Updated : Thursday 21st May 2020