Taiwanese tech firms keen to work with Malaysian peers

​Taiwanese technology firms are keen to share with their Malaysian counterparts their rise as the powerhouse of the information and communications technology (ICT)

Taiwanese technology firms are keen to share with their Malaysian counterparts their rise as the powerhouse of the information and communications technology (ICT).

From hardware to software producers, Taiwan has strategically positioned itself as the major services provider for the Industrial Revolution 4.0’s (IR4.0) age.

Taiwanese firms have also become multinationals in their own rights with operating bases in the US, Europe and major cities in Asia.

Two of their companies were present at the popular and annual Taiwan Expo, which was held for the first time in Penang at the Setia SPICE Convention Centre.

Advantech Co Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s area sales manager Ivan Kong told the audience at a seminar on IR4.0 that Malaysia’s long standing relationship with Taiwanese companies, can become a base in tapping the resources needed to drive forward IR4.0.

New Taipei City–based Nexcom International Co Ltd regional business development manager Vincent Oh Kok Loon shared the same insights, saying that due to Taiwan’s rich history in ICT, it was a natural progression into IR4.0.

Advantech makes the application and innovations of the IR4.0 possible and it is now collaborating with partners to provide a domain–focused solutions for a wide array of applications and to establish a Malaysian driven IR4.0 ecosystem.

“It will accelerate industrial transformation,” said Kong.

Advantech’s vision in Malaysia was to make the country its hub in the outreach into the regional countries of Asean, said Kong on the sidelines of the exposition.

He shared that the Malaysian team of 30 talents, who are currently based in Penang and Petaling Jaya, have the top level skills to spearhead the outreach into Asean.

“We are also constantly looking out for talents in Malaysia.”

The hub in Malaysia also helps Advantech to serve its VIP clientele base of 150 customers, which is growing by 10 each month in the US, Asia and Europe.

The company is mainly divided into three sections which provide solutions for industrial, enterprises and smart cities.

Advantech is also keen to help the country develop a vibrant ecosystem for IR4.0. Here, Kong hopes that Malaysia can attract more foreign direct investments in IR4.0 while at the same time educating the small medium enterprises about it.

However, he said the process must be delicate, seamless and with limited disruption.

“We cannot have factories wanting the entire IR4.0 package. It has to be tailored to their real needs and not just wants.”

Advantech wants to help the country grow the talent and for this, it hopes to collaborate more with the public and private sectors.

As for Nexcom, it offers a comprehensive solution to capture data from robots, intelligent machines and smart production lines.

Oh expects Malaysia to readily tap into the platforms designed by Nexcom as it is all in open sourcing and cloud computing.

“Our role is to help find the ecosystem which can thrive with the Malaysian and Taiwanese talent as well as our other global partners.”

Oh said that one area which Nexcom can lend its expertise was in smart manufacturing.

He also hopes that the Malaysian government can provide fresh incentives to draw overseas talent and investments to stimulate an ecosystem which can participate in the IR4.0 processes.

Source: The Sun Daily 

Posted on : 11 July 2019
Last Updated : Thursday 22nd October 2020