Malaysia records strong investment inflows in manufacturing

Malaysia registered strong investment inflows into the manufacturing sector for the first seven months of the year with approved manufacturing investments of some RM53.19 billion surpassing the whole of 2013 of RM52.10 billion.

Statistics from the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) shows that foreign investments accounted for RM30.74 billion or 57.8% of the total approved investments for the period from January to July.

The seven- month approved foreign investments have also exceeded the total foreign investments for the whole of last year of RM30.54 billion.

Japan is the top foreign investor for the first seven months of the year with RM9.84billion, a big jump from RM3.59 billion approved for the whole of last year. China is the second largest source of foreign investments for the same period with RM4.66 billion followed by Germany with RM4.13 billion, Singapore RM4.23 billion and Italy with RM1.06 billion.

In terms of industry, the Chemical and Chemical Products industry received the highest quantum of investments with RM10.19 billion approved for the first seven months of the year with some RM7.49 billion from foreign investors.

The Electronics and Electrical Products attracted some RM8.39 billion in approved investments with close to 95% from foreign investors. Basic Metal Products, Non-Metallic Mineral Products and Transport Equipment recorded investments of RM7.38 billion, RM1.90 billion and RM1.82 billion respectively.

These five industries accounted for close to 56% of the total approved investments in the manufacturing sector.

The State of Johor emerged as the top investment destination in the country with approved investments of RM18.66 billion, followed by Sarawak, RM7.79 billion; Pahang, RM4.99 billion; Penang, RM4.62 billion and Selangor with RM4.59 billion.

Source: MIDA and The Star 18 Oct 2014

Posted on : 18 October 2014
Last Updated : Tuesday 7th April 2020