Expats say Malaysia offers affordable high quality accommodation

Expatriates in the Expat Explorer 2014 survey, said Malaysia, which is ranked 19th, offers affordable high quality accommodation and cost of living.

The survey, commissioned by HSBC and undertaken by YouGov, a third party research body, covered close to 9,300 expatriates in over 100 countries between April and May 2014.

In Malaysia, 113 expatriates responded to the survey with some 63% indicating the ease of finding accommodation with 54% saying that the accommodation were of a higher quality compared to their home country and relatively inexpensive.

Some 57% of the respondents in Malaysia found the country to be a culturally interesting place with its multi-ethnic and multicultural elements.

Malaysia was also noted for its quality of life, financial well-being and the ease of raising a family abroad.

The respondents also cited “the need to look for new challenges as the most popular reason to move to Malaysia followed by better job prospects.

Switzerland emerged as the top pick by expatriates, followed by China and Singapore.

Source: New Straits Times 23 Oct 2014 and Expat Explorer website

Posted on : 23 October 2014
Last Updated : Tuesday 7th April 2020