Architectural Consultancy Services

Architectural consultancy services (classified under code 74211 of the Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification) include consulting which concerns building design and drafting and often supervision of construction, town and city planning and landscape architecture.

A more detailed description is given under the Architects Act, 1967. ‘Architectural consultancy services’ refer to the provision of architectural consultancy advice and services pertaining to all or any of the following:

  • submission of plans or drawings to any person or local authority in Malaysia;
  • Conceptualisation, research and development of any design for the built environment;
  • any survey, preparation of reports, including environmental impact assessment reports, or investigation relating to the built environment;
  • project programming, construction and manufacturing programming, and product design;
  • planning and development services including interior design, financial advisory services, project management, contract administration and landscaping;
  • preparation of feasibility studies and cost estimates;
  • preparation of plans and other means of presentation;
  • all services in compliance with statutory requirements; and
  • any other activities relating to the creation, preservation and enhancement of the built environment.

Architectural Consultancy Services


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Last Updated : Friday 27th November 2020